PVP Resto Druid surviving rogue burst?

Hello all, I am somewhat new to the resto druid class, and I need some helping in dealing with rogue teams. I just go down so quickly. Any tricks in dealing with them? Do I trinket the garrote and hot myself for the cheapshot? I'm obviously barkskinning. I was just wondering what your tricks are for surviving the rogues opener. Basically, if it is rogue/any other dps, I die =(
ideally you get your team mate to cc at elast one of them. other than that keep your hots up, use bs and ironbark when you are focused and db away.

armory says youre missing a major glyph. glyph of barkskin could help .
Are you letting them get the opener?
You're talking about 2s, so just stay in stealth until they open on your DK. Then you can Pounce -> Cyclone the rogue or his partner to stop their opener and/or force trinkets (especially on double DPS teams who often trinket the first CC).

You've got to save your trinket as long as you can versus rogue teams (well really any team) because you can get caught in one of their numerous CCs later with no way out while they burst on you or or DK.

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