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It's still broken. "Safe path" frequently doesn't show up until long after beam starts moving, and sometimes doesn't show up ever. Safe path opens up ok IF it ever showed up in the first place for a while, but dead ends long before the end of the effect. Beam moves so fast that outer ring people can't live even with speed enchants unless they use a speed cooldown...but not every class has those. Blink in particular is worthless because it shoots you straight line forward by large amount, guaranteed to not be in safe spot because either not painted yet or because safe path zigged on you.

On ultra graphics, the visibility of the safe path is still nearly indecipherable, but if you know exactly how everything works in detail (and the new bugs go away) it is survivable.

For those that can't even get started on this...here's a starting point:

Go into interface, camera settings, and drag max camera distance to absolute max. Then in game use mouse wheel or whatever to take you out to just less than max possible (I personally think absolute max is just a tad too far because then ceiling interferes with the camera angle and it keeps twisting and zooming in and out on you unexpectedly according to whatever ceiling objects are in the way). When disintigrate beam starts (you have a little time) stack just barely in FRONT of boss (NOT behind), and point the camera straight along the line of the beam angled down or directly down. On one side the floor will have no special graphics at all...on the other side there will be ultra thin occassional light purple lines that move like little lightning arcs (not a ton of these, and they aren't massively visible, but they are there. These are the mysterious "squiggles" that people keep telling you to look for. They look more like thin lightning arcs to me than "squiggles"...but maybe that is just me. To me squiggles means curly stuff like you see in the fog of death, so it took me forever to see them because I was looking for something completely different based on the word "squiggles" they kept throwing around). You may have to zoom in just a little bit to see them...but not much. That side is the safe side. The side without ultra thin purple lightning arcs is death. Run forward in the safe side to whichever path you intend to follow...the inner, outer, or middle path (I've never seen the middle path, but I am told it exists). Stay fairly close to the beam (which still should not be moving yet)...but not right on it (because it is death if it hits you when it does start moving) and keep that camera angled down on top of you. Barring bugs, the path should start painting before the beam starts moving. Use shields, damage mitigation, heals, or whatever you have to stay alive until you get into the path. Once there, just follow the path and try to stay alive...don't even try to fight the boss unless you have surviving the path down cold. No time to cast anything except instant casts, so heals and whatnot have to just do the best they can as they run. When you get to the end, hopefully the bugs have been fixed and it doesn't dead end on you, and the fog slowly disapates. Again use shields, damage mitigation, heals, or whatever to stay alive...especially if the bugs haven't been fixed yet and you have to run through the fog o death to avoid the laser killing you.

If your camera is level in this encounter, instead of at least a little angled down on top of you (or flat out overhead), guaranteed you will never see anything except a wall of purple fog death, and will die in a couple of seconds tops...and even if you look around while dead you still will see nothing but an inpenetrable wall of purple death with no gaps in it anywhere. You actually do have to have the camera zoomed out and strongly angled down on you in this encounter. One person in one raid said he actually did better with the camera in "first person" mode (completely zoomed in to the point where you can't even see your toon anymore). I haven't tried that, so I don't know how successful that might or might not be.

If you follow the above, even on ultra graphics you can survive...unless the bugs haven't been fixed yet and they get you.

Exactly this. I was having trouble seeing the maze and kept biting it, but was able to get through much more easily when I took a nearly top-down camera angle. Oddly enough, though, it was when I cranked my graphics to ultra that the maze itself became easier to see.
"Works for me, so it does for everyone else..."


This is a raid awareness issue

Everyone should have raid awareness if they intend to raid.

Tired of whiners,they get free loot and still whine,well guess what,you gotta work for this one.
I have turned down my 'partical density' settings to low, and still found it very difficult to see the maze.

I have tried them on low & ultra and have had the same results. I would rather be doing the Heigan the Unclean dance before I have to try this boss again!
this week was way better. 1st time that durumu was downed with zero stacks of determination.

the thunder king was another matter he took 5 and had 3 died.
Now I'll make an example of what I intend for work and challenge. Be a single mother with a child and a full-time job. Write a full-size novel while commuting on trains. Have it published. Sell millions of copies. Rinse and repeat, six times. That's what Ms. Rowling did.
That's work and challenge.

Durumu? Gimme a break. That's not work and challenge, that's bad design of a tiny bit of a computer game.

This is a game,not rl

Also I admit my wording is quite a bit off,so I'm gonna rephrase:

" You gotta stay out of the bad "

That is called situational raid awareness. If you fail,learn it. It's not that hard FFS.

Bad things start appearing you move out of it and wait for the opening to appear,run in and start moving through the maze.

It's a freaking childs play.

A new and interesting mechanic. Would you rather have him engulf the entire area and make healers heal through it(ROFL zonozz reference if you dont get it) and get ur phat lewts?
Excuse me. It's not that it gives the "illusion" it will reach it. IT DOES REACH YOU. Unless you're in the MELEE safe zone, you WILL die without a speed boost of some sort. Plain and Simple. The melee safe zone is fine as there's less room needed to run to get further around Durumu.

From the ranged safe zone, you can and WILL die if you do not have a speed booster. And until you make Burning Rush baseline for all warlocks or remove the health penalty, give mages Blazing speed baseline or remove the cooldown, remove the dazing/cancelling if glyphed aspect in aspect of the cheetah for hunters, etc. you cannot make it so being AT RANGED as a RANGED DPS WILL Kill you. It's ridiculous.

Do you guys even think things through before you make changes like that? Seriously. I was in a LFR earlier where every single healer died because the beams reached them WHILE THEY WERE RUNNING THE ENTIRE TIME. Why? Because they were in the ranged safe zone. That is NOT acceptable. Why even have a ranged safe zone if it kills anyone running in it before the beam is done?

Good job, you guys fixed the maze issue and caused a completely new one: PEOPLE DIE BECAUSE THEY ACTUALLY FOLLOW THE MECHANICS OF THE FIGHT.

Either change the beam movement in LFR difficulty, or give every single class a speed boost. And no one say we can run in the melee zone. The ranged zone exists for ranged players. If they did not want us to run it, it would not exist. It does. By telling me to run in the melee zone, then why doesn't the tank pull him while standing over the dropping ledge? Why doesn't the melee DPS the boss from ranged using Throw? Why doesn't the mage DPS him from melee range with melee hits? Because they're not supposed to. Just like we're not supposed to use the melee zone, we're supposed to use the ranged one. Also: Please tell me how it's easy to see a safe zone with 25 people crowding a very tiny melee path? I can barely see it with the 8-10 melee we usually have.

This. 100%. This maze is neat, and fun and all that, but the beam moves entirely too fast and the "safe spots" don't open fast enough. Not to mention they zig-zag all over the place, and by the time you are sure its safe, you've already taken way too much damage OR the beam is searing your hiney.
You still don't get it, do you, Sat?

Though the matter is actually more complicated as it's not my exclusive personal problem, I'll try to make it as simple as possible for you.


What do you not understand in the above sentence? Darn? Don't worry, help coming: it's a slightly more politically correct way of saying "damn".

Ok,If you stated this in previous pages,I did not see,because I did not read everything and I apologize,but you are most likely a minority with that problem and WoW fixes do not revolve around the minority(elitists vs casuals anyone?).

Sorry if I'm too blunt,but that's the way it goes.
if have bad eyesight just follow the group one of them has to know the proper way to get through the maze.
Even while wearing glasses, I am at a loss to see these safe spots in ranged appear. I have been in this fight several times and I honestly just can't see it. I die every single time I am in the ranged "safe spots" so I follow melee. I have died mostly to people dropping the purple stuff in the spots. I have healed this on this toon and my shaman. I have also dps'd this fight on both. Both are ranged, both I have to run into melee range in order to survive. Yes, it is slightly better than the first week. No, it isn't fixed well enough for everyone to be able to discern where these safe spots are. The spots should either open more clearly so they can be seen or more quickly open for the next movement. It is very difficult to see the next spot when there are 25 people following in melee range because ranged is just either not opening fast enough for the beam or not clearly opening to the next safe spot. I have been raiding since BC, I have solo'd all of the older raids. Let me tell you, I have never been so disappointed in any mechanic in this game as I am with this maze.
So much for the "improvement" it killed 20 of 25 tonight on 1st pull, I still can't see a darned thing at all. Just tons of purple and black junk.

Even the people who were like "oh, I've got this, i'm a pro" all wiped.

For the love of the (old) Gods, please remove this annoying and worthless mechanic. If I wanted to wipe endlessly for hours on a single raid boss, I'd go back to doing Heroics.
Um, Durumu just isn't working as intended.

For the LFR version, I'd consider making the visual effect less like weird purple worms and something more solid, with a greater visual contrast. Or only impose the maze on select random players or something.

It still wipes the majority of people on every LFR I run multiple times.
The biggest thing I dislike about this is that sometimes, still, the way is obvious. More specifically at the start, there are huge gaps that are clear everywhere, but then it changes. Suddenly, the path gets incredibly narrow, as the beam creeps closer and closer. You're looking and it creates a sense of panic, as I assume is the purpose. It's easy to sit there and tell yourself not to panic, while that giant death beam is touching your butt, but sometimes it makes you run into the DANGER ZONEEEEE!

I've also had the maze be still active after the beam was gone.

My BIGGER problem is the fact you choose such a color against a dark floor to traverse the maze. I assume, again, that is the purpose, however I do not like the challenge not being in making your way through the maze, so much as it is SEEING where the hell you're going.

I'd also like to point out it helps to make it clear to everyone to
a) stand on top of the beam until
b) you see the side of the room that gets covered first, and then proceed to that floors side of the beam, standing near and not on it.
Just wanted to follow up with some additional information, as we've seen a few questions since the changes.

In a hotfix yesterday, we changed two elements of the Durumu Eye Sore mechanic, or the “maze” as it’s more commonly known. First off, we applied a small client patch to increase the visual fidelity of the fill graphic itself, giving the effect less vertical height and hopefully making it easier to see the safe spots as they appear. Feedback on this change has generally been positive. Separately, at the same time we made some adjustments to the logic of how the maze is drawn with respect to the movement of the Disintegration Beam. One of the less intuitive aspects of the original maze mechanic was how it would begin drawing behind you, and how the right thing to do was actually to turn around and back up, towards the approaching death beam, in order to safely enter the forming maze. Why would any sane person want to move closer to a death beam?!

We generally are extremely cautious about making gameplay adjustments to encounters once players have already learned them, but in this case the opening of the Halls of Flesh-Shaping LFR wing highlighted the fact that the mechanic was a particular source of confusion to many players, and the longer we waited to make any adjustment, the more disorienting it would be if we did change anything. So what we did was make the maze immediately begin drawing in front of the player as the beam activates, so that you never need to turn around and run towards the beam. This also effectively gives players a slight head-start on the beam as it begins to move. To maintain the same sense of urgency, the beam does move slightly more quickly now, so that it will, over the course of the phase, catch up to players and negate that head start. But the player movement required once you’re actually running the maze should be unchanged. We have noted, however, that at the very end of the maze sequence, it can now feel like the fast-approaching death ray is going to reach you, making it feel like you're stuck between a rock and a hard place. To address that concern, we are making another adjustment today, which will cause the death ray to dissipate a few seconds earlier at the end of the maze.

I'm sorry but I can not see the gaps. Why not make it so he always goes in one direction so there is a better idea of where the gaps are suppose to be instead of having to try and find it and hope you don't end up on the opposite side of the beam?

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