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The path is much easier to see, I'll admit. But currently it seems that about 5ish seconds before the maze phase is done, it's stops making paths, which results in a lot of damage/deaths. Also the beam seems to be moving a lot faster than before.
Our raid tonight on 25 Normal had these issues:

No path for melee, path for ranged.

No path for ranged, path for melee.

No path for either.
My raid got back to Durumu a few hours ago and we were all amazed by the change. Removing that top cloud solved 99% of the visibility issues and made it much easier to see the path. As other have stated though, with the beam moving a bit faster now, sometimes the openings have trouble keeping up and a split second decision becomes even more split second. Now this wasn't always the case, our first shot the maze worked fine, but on a couple of the subsequent pulls the maze would almost stutter for a second, deciding where to go. The path was still there eventually, you just got the beam grazing your butt in the mean time.
My team tried it on 25-man tonight (Tues) and half felt it was harder to see because there is less purple fog. Some felt it was easier to see. Keep in mind that nearly all players on my team are able to do the maze dance prior to the change. We were far less successful tonight.

I felt that the purple fog seems more dispersed and now instead of "don't go anywhere near here", it seems like some areas are clear when they really aren't. I felt it was easier to do before (once you have enough experience on it) because the difference between safe spot and non-safe spot was more distinct.

For reference, prior to the change I've tried it on Projected Textures enabled (my default) and disabled. No difference. Particle Density Low, Good (my default #1), and High (my default #2). Post-change I'm running Projected Textures Enabled and Particle Density Good and I'm not sure I like the change. I will probably try another variation tomorrow to see if there is better visual effect changes.

I hope this is useful feedback for the developers.
Just adding in my experience/two cents as well. We had very similar problems tonight. Ranged usually takes ranged of course and there was 10-15yrds of eye sores ahead of us before I saw the path open up right and nothing cleared in the ranged area up till the beam killed us.

Realized it quickly the first pull and was able to make it to melee path in time but tested it out and stayed at ranged the 2nd pull and confirmed there was no path at all.. GG hot fix breaking what was relatively fine before after some practice.
We had the same problem. We were going great. The hole seemed gigantic to start. We weren't even sure that there was a fix. We originally ran into the gaps behind us towards the beam but tonight the gap was huge. Everything was going fine and then as the phase ended we got to a point where the path just dead ended. To counter this we moved our raid to the outside and just figured we wouldn't DPS the boss with our melee. Without stopping running, the beam caught up quickly and chewed up people without speed increases. It seems terrible to have a boss one way that you get used to and works for your raid group after you put in the wipes to changing it to an almost new mechanic in the closing of the phase. Wish it would go back to the way it was before.
My guild experienced the same issue as everyone else has mentioned -- the maze would stop short near the end and the entire raid would die due to no path open. It was frustrating to say the least. I hope this gets resolved soon, as we had several wipes that would've been kills had the pathing bug not happened, and it wasted a lot of our time.
We only had one pull before end of raid night, but I liked the whole "no ranged path" touch. Cute.
LFR Durumu was SO much better tonight. Thank you so much for the change. We still had a ton of people die, but I definitely noticed a huge difference in the difficulty of the maze phase. It wasn't a gamble to get into a safe zone at the beginning of the phase and it was much easier to see the maze as it went along. That, combined with the previous changes to the fog monsters/lights, made the fight much less frustrating in LFR.
Guys. The MAZE is fine now. You can see the maze now. There's still the slight problem of the old safe zone closing BEFORE the new one opens, but you can GUESS where it is. If you're wrong, on LFR, it doesn't mean death. Just don't run too far. Follow the group. They can fix this by simply lowering the time it takes for the new opening to show up, but it's not really necessary. So long as you keep running the same path, you'll be fine.

The issue now is for some reason, the BEAM is moving MUCH FASTER. Without a speed boost, people on the ranged part of the safe zone WILL DIE. Before, you could stay out of it's range without a speed boost pretty easily, even if the beam would be right on your tail. Now, it WILL catch up to you if you don't have a speed boost.

Now, if you have druids who actually use stampeding roar from ranged, most will probably survive if they're lucky. Otherwise, if you don't have a speed booster, you're probably dead.

But yes, thank you for fixing the maze. THere's still a ton of people dying, but now it's just a matter of them not knowing what to do or the beam catching them. And before someone says I just have a good enough computer: No. I'm on a Dell Inspiron 6400 with it's built in graphics card. It's an EIGHT YEAR OLD LAPTOP.
I love you Bashiok.
I'm actually one of couple people who got screwed by this.

Before the change, I could tell difference between fog and maze from their difference in density where maze was thick and tight while fog was more blurry and spread out.
However, the change made both maze and fog look identical on my computer and I had hard time figuring out if I'm seeing maze closing off next to me or fog just moving back and forth.

I tried both lowest and good setting on particle density but both of them were same.
maze is easier to see UNDER YOUR FEET however the uncovered area looks clear when it really isn't as the beam moves closer. as others have said and many of my guild members said tonight, the beam is moving much faster resulting in the range group (we run melee close group and ranged very far group) can not run away fast enough and get hit by beam not the maze. also there are many more "trick" openings that quickly turn into death traps.

keep new graphic under you. make the maze part that is being uncovered completely solid. don't speed the beam up. there i just fixed your problem -.-

Blizzard you need to give this person a job. He just fixed the issue with this horrible fight. [/b]This is exactly what you need to do.
My experience from running LFR a few hours ago:

- The graphical change on the maze makes things MUCH easier to see. Fewer people died so early on in the maze phase.

- HOWEVER, it felt like it moved faster or was somehow bugged. People were standing in a completely clear spot and we still lost half the raid before the beam even came close visually.

- There was either a melee OR ranged path. The one time I saw a ranged path on the three attempts it took us to down him, it stopped midway through. The same happened once for the melee path.

Visually, the maze IS much easier to navigate now, but it still needs some fine tuning. Not standing in bad shouldn't get you one shot.
The maze looks the same to me, but I didn't have a problem seeing it before. However, in my two attempts in LFR since the hotfix the disintegration beam seems to be moving 2-3 times base running speed and the clear paths stop being revealed after they go around the room once, so you end up with everyone who hasn't been run over by the beam being herded into the last few yards of clear space before the beam turns off.
Something is wrong with this encounter. I was running in a path and then there was suddenly no opening, then the death beam hit me. The beam is going way too fast and the path keeps vanishing. The lfr group I was in tonight wiped over and over. I admit I died like four times. Imo, it is a horrible encounter. I can not see the paths worth a crap and running as fast as I can still isn't fast enough.
Exactly. It was pleasant that Blizzard, with no warning to players who perfected the previous version of the raid, implemented a change without telling anyone, and slicing into our progression time. The fight was fine, it was a learning curve. The guilds ahead of us eventually got it, we eventually got it, and the guilds behind us eventually would get it. Now we spent all last night wiping on it because the far path is not viable due to the speed of the laser, and the other paths come to a dead end with about 3 seconds left on the phase, which wipes enough people to wipe the raid. If you are going to implement a quick patch into raids, at least make sure it works beforehand.

I would be a bit more hesitant before you throw out the term "Improvement" in your post.
Let's see, where to begin. Our guild 11/12 N on 25-man has cleared Durumu multiple times on 10 and 25. No problems with any of the mechanics. The maze was easy. A great fight. In our experiences no changes needed.

Last night we experienced the following...
1) No path forming at range - Wipe
2) Paths dead-ending before the end of the phase - Wipe
3) Paths not clearing in time to get through cleanly - Wipe
4) Eye beam moving significantly faster than before the patch - Wipe
5) Lingering Gaze Orbs moving significantly faster than before patch - Annoying to say the least.

I don't know what you did, Blizzard but please don't. It was working fine before and now it's a brand new encounter, significantly more difficult than before. Please Fix This!
They did fix it. Nearly a dozen wipes last week became a one-shot this week. I consider that fixed.
Doing durumu yesterday. Hey look this is easier to see! *maze is about to end*... wait a second there's nowhere to go?.. AAAAAAAHAHHH. *people scatter in every direction but his eye beam and try not to die*.

Towards the end of the phase there's nowhere in the maze to go. We had to just pop cooldowns and eat a few seconds of the eye sore on heroic difficulty, twasn't fun.

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