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To address that concern, we are making another adjustment today, which will cause the death ray to dissipate a few seconds earlier at the end of the maze.

Not sure if intended but sometimes when Solo Tanked this is causing stacks to not drop off during the Death Ray Phase. Same could be true for two tanks, causing the stack order having to change, example Tank 1 tanks during first phase with no life drain-->Tank 2 tanks during light beam phase-->Tank 1 taunts back to tank post light phase-->Death Ray phase occurs and Tank 1's stacks have not dropped-->Tank 2 now needs to tank during the Life drain phase. Not sure if unintended side effect or possibly this swap was how the fight was meant to go.
Honestly, the biggest problem is that the dungeon guide doesn't explain that there is only 15 degrees of safe zone. In fact, it implies the opposite. The first time anyone visits the encounter, their instinct isn't to run away from the big wall of purple coming at them (because it doesn't look like that the first time you do it, it looks like the entire platform is suddenly covered in purple), but rather to find some safe spots in the purpleness, of which there are actually none. If there were no dungeon guide to incorrectly explain the encounter, that would also help, but the fact that the dungeon guide lies to the reader makes for a very frustrating experience: "I thought I was doing what the journal was explaining to do, but I couldn't find a way to not die".

The guide should state that the entire platform is covered in eye sores except for a small changing area in front of the beam because [some lore that is obviously not the Cross-Eye since that explanation is obviously false].

The guide states that there is maze covering the whole platform, but there isn't. The whole platform is death with the exception of a couple open spots next to the beam.

The second biggest problem is that the upper layer is out of sync from the maze. The maze is not always there; it gets drawn as the ground is revealed by the upper layer. This makes it look like there are open spots, people move into them, then suddenly they get filled in. The upper layer reveals the ground in a constant sweep, but the lower layer is drawn in chunks. It is very frustrating to move into an open spot then suddenly you start dying.
Screwing us out of a ranged path is not a good change.

One page back, an hour ago.

04/10/2013 04:26 PMPosted by Bashiok
Unless you're in the MELEE safe zone, you WILL die without a speed boost of some sort.

Yeah, we noticed that, and a fix went out at about 1pm today. You should be all good in the ranged track now.

I did it this morning and did not notice anything different or better....... We took at least 6 or 7 tries to get the maze right. Personally I must have the video setting off because when I see people move around I do not see a path, yet there is one....
Even after the fix at 1PM today, the ranged path is still not a viable option for 25 man. We ended up cramming everyone into the melee after wiping twice to the beam catching us ranged people/heals. Finally downed it after that, but its really very hard to see the walls with 25 people in such a small space.
Just wanted to follow up with some additional information, as we've seen a few questions since the changes.


We have noted, however, that at the very end of the maze sequence, it can now feel like the fast-approaching death ray is going to reach you, making it feel like you're stuck between a rock and a hard place. To address that concern, we are making another adjustment today, which will cause the death ray to dissipate a few seconds earlier at the end of the maze.

Oh I noticed this part - I wound up having to run into the maze walls because the beam did catch up and the path was too slow to open up. Better wall damage than instant beam death.

All the other changes you listed made a huge difference for me and are appreciated. I can now safely identify and traverse the maze without feeling like I'm stupid. (I'm not normally bad at these things).
It awful. Please change it back.
I couldnt see the opening at all before. Even laying there dead watching the people that successfully negotiated it, it looked like they were still in the fog. Now I can see it, so thanks.
The phase "ends" and the maze doesn't go away. The maze should end when the beam does.
25 normal. Just as bad as it was yesterday. Still worse than it was before the original "fix". People utilizing movement speed buffs being caught by beam...abrupt ends in clear paths. We had no trouble clearing this boss before this supposed "fix". Way to go Blizz.
Much better since the fix (on LFR difficulty). The paths are now clear to see. Previously I couldn't do it, now it is easy.

People talking about a path "ending abruptly" might mean the middle path? (Now there are 3 paths at the start; and the middle one then veers off into the melee path about 1/3 of the way around the circle).
I just did LFR (way after 1pm)...the beam is still super fast. The maze was much easier to find which I was grateful for, but the beam still caught up with me :(

This was during the ranged path. On the melee path, a couple of guildies claimed to have no problem. The beam wiped us out on ranged, though.
04/10/2013 06:58 PMPosted by Loratabb

One page back, an hour ago.


Except we are here now and there is no bloody ranged path. The old version was much better. Seeing the maze was not difficult at all.

Having a path abruptly stop while running it is unacceptable. Especially when running to a new " path " is not a option.

Now this boss is just rng whether or not you get to kill him. Because you can do the maze correctly and just die because nothing opens up.

If the ranged path comes back great even if you need a supposed boost to get through it. Having both paths stop or just vanish on you is just plain dumb.

We cleared him tonight on normal and there definitely was a ranged path for both times he did his death beam....so maybe your instance is bugged or something?
Durumu stops casting death beam sooner, but INSTANTLY starts using his other abilities while we're still in the damn maze. Really?
lol, first pull through that left 2 alive at the end of the phase, me and some other dude. I abandoned raid before he could kill me. I figured at least 7-8 wipes before we had the slightest chance of winning and I didn't want to shell out 100 gold just to get past durumu and then shell out another 200 gold just to get the wing down and collect my 90 vps.

Suggestion: 5% buff -> 10% buff and reduce all damage by 20%. Either that or massively increase the gold rewards. Also, allow the raid to keep (and increase) their stacks of determination as they proceed through the raid zone.
My experience in LFR:

Beam still moves WAY WAY WAY to fast for ranged path. As a healer trying to keep up fellow raiders hitting eye soar means I have to take my eyes off the path for even a 1/2 second. Witht eh speed of the beam now, that 1/2 stacks and you eventually get caught.

That said, I was able to find the start easier.

My suggestion: (only for LFR): Reduce the damage from eye soar and beam DRAMATICALLY. like 90%.

LFR is for people to not think, get free purples and "expereince" the content. Wiping 8x last week and 5x this week is none of those things.

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