What's a nice keybind for strafing?

I want to add one but really don't know where
I use the default Q and E. When my left hand works I can hit shift, alt and control near by while strafing. That leaves my right hand to work my gaming mouse and numpad for the bindings.
I just hold the right mouse button and press `D` and `A`, since `Q` and `E` r bind to skills.

Edit: this will work only if u NEVER click skills.
Replace whatever you're turning with with strafe keys. There's no reason to waste 2 keybinds on turning. Turn by holding right click and moving your mouse.

I use QWE for movement, left strafe, forward, and right strafe. You don't need to backpedal either unless you're a tank and possibly a healer.
I use S and F for strafing. Move forward with E. I don't have turn or backpedal keybound.
My middle mouse wheel actually tilts left and right so I use that to strafe.

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