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Apocalyptian is a level 25 guild, comprised of a tight knit group of friends who travel from game to game together and are looking to add more people to our roster! We played at the start of MoP but fell behind after some severe technical issues, and are coming back with the intention of starting out in Tier 14 content. We’re mostly college students and we understand that sometimes life gets in the way, be it work or academics, so we run our raids casually. Our primary focus lies in PvE at the moment, but in the coming months we plan on extending our interests into PvP.

Currently we have enough to fill a 10 man, and are interested in starting a 2nd 10 man and hope to start 25 mans in the distant future. We are also in need of backups that would be ready to raid in the event that someone can’t make it.

We are currently recruiting Three healers (one with a dps off-spec) and all DPS.

We are a very fun and easy going bunch, so we’re looking for others like us to join our little gaming family! Our raid times for the first group are Mondays and Thursdays, 5:30 pm (server time) until we decide to stop. Raid times for 2nd group to be decided based on groups availability. For more information feel free to post here or send a message to any of my characters in game: Dxtmukk, Arrete or Lutece.
BM Hunter looking for a guild. my guild died off after our raid leader/GM left to deal with RL problems.
Resto Druid looking for a raiding group. been playing casually for a bit now but would like to get back to real raiding instead of just LFR.
We'd be happy to have you both! If you guys would like any more information go ahead and whisper me on one of my characters. (Dxtmukk, Arrete, or Lutece)

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