Razer naga Configurator problem

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Hi everyone, i just brought a Razer Naga Epic mouse recently, my computer was able to detect it, and works fine. However, when i tried to open the Configurator, it always give me this message,"No Razer Naga Connected. Application will close now". Anyone has this issue?

P.S. I tried to update the firmware, and it didn't work. I am running Win 8 64bit
I just bought this same mouse yesterday and this may be a dumb question, but is the computer connected to the little charging station by USB?

I accidently unplugged mine yesterday and the mouse stopped working, I went full derp and thought that the stand thing was just for charging. I failed to realize that it was for the connection to the PC as well (at least to my knowledge you need that plugged in for the mouse to work)

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