2 priests one guild. LF fri/sat raid guild.

2 priests looking for a guild that raids msv/hof/toes regularly and is looking to progress into tot when ready, We are only available fri/sat to raid.

Priest 1: Itsiheals - ILVL 485 - disc/holy (will go shadow if needed) 6/6 msv 3/6 HoF 4/4 ToeS 6/12 ToT.

Priest 2: Enï - 480 - disc - 6/6msv 6/6 hof 4/4 toes 0/12 tot.

We do come as a package.

Thanks - Itsiheals.
Do not seek death.
I have exactly what you need.
I have a question. Are you husband and wife. Or any other combo.
We are husband and wife, yes.
Or a sat/sun Australian time guild
well actually even an aus guild that raids wed/fri/sat/tues is fine too..
Have you ever thought about moving to Australia so that you can raid while players in the USA raid? It's a logical, easy step.
I am in Australia dim wit.
Maybe you should play on Australian servers and leave the United States servers alone.

Thank you.

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