25-Man Raiding Guild LFM, 3 raid nights!

Guild Recruitment
Skidmarks is a 25 man raiding guild looking to fill our ranks for 25, previously we were a 10 man raiding guild who before starting this 25 man venture reached 8/12 ToT normal.

Contact information can be found at the bottom of this post, though you really should read the entire thing.

Our guild times and nights are as follows(*)

  • Monday (RBGS) 6:30-10pm* Server (**)
  • Tuesday (Raid) 6:30-10pm Server
  • Wednesday (Raid) 6:30-10pm Server
  • Thursday (Raid) 6:30-10pm Server**

* - Approximate end time, normally based upon when people feel tired.
** - Just because you cannot make all raid nights and times, does not mean we will not take you. Life does happen as all of you know so we are always looking for bench players that can maybe only make one night each week, or two, and can help out if someone in the core group has to miss.

We are currently in need of (see list below) for core positions.(*)(**)

  • Shadow Priest
  • Balance Druid
  • Hunter
  • Windwalker Monk/Enhance Shaman

* - Though we would PREFER these classes, if you come to us with adequate experience and gear as another class and/or spec, we may consider having you with our raid team.
** - As stated in the section above noting raid times and days, this trend follows to classes and specs. If you are not what we are looking for, and have about the same gear as most, we will allow you to join and be a bench player, this means that you will not be gauranteed a spot on any given raid night, unless you so prove yourself on a day when you fill a spot that you deserve a core position.

Though our guild mainly has a focus on PvE raiding, we do have many members who either focus on arenas or rated battlegrounds in our guild as it stands. Should you join and have a focus in these or other areas, chances are someone else would share that interest.

Should you be accepted into the guild, there are only a few rules.

  • No racism, sexism, or any form of ism related to place on Earth.
  • Unless made an officer, vent chatter must be kept to a minimum during raid times. This is so that raid leaders and officers can call out strategies and certain fight mechanics.
  • You have a "bank" of 2 days, these days are used as currency for days that you miss and do not give warning or tell an officer about. Should you use up these, there will be ways to earn them back, but you will be benched until such time as we see fit to reinstate you into the raid team.
  • Lastly, this guild has a heavy focus on PvE progression, at the same time we like to enjoy our time online. As long as time is not wasted, you will not be called out and/or removed from the team. Remember, there are 24 other people in the same raid who want to get somewhere.

  • If you would like to apply, look for Nîghthåwk on the Kil'Jaeden horde side. Or add Nighthawk#1991 to your battle tag friends list. We look forward to seeing you and hope to have some more amazing players to add to our roster.

    edit-removed rogue from list.
    Awesome group to raid and pvp with!
    Still recruiting a Windwalker Monk and Enhance shaman, also now recruiting a Mistweaver monk or Resto shaman.

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