Dream Rating of 2.2k LF Carry

Hello, Austin here once again with a new offer to any and all skilled players in pvp. I am looking to reach my all time achievement of one day reaching 2,200 arena personal rating. My reason for this real life goal is to show to my friends that an unachievable achievement of 2k+ in any of the 3 arena brackets is possible for me to do. I'm offering up to a total of 19,500-25,000 gold to anyone willing to carry me to this dream rating of mine. I know nothing of class set-ups for arena so I will be going off 100% of your own judgement for what we will be playing. My life time arena team ratings and win/lose ratio in all arena games are terrible yet I have reached 2k at one point it did cost me about 10k gold.

Please Add my Real ID Austinchrisensen65@yahoo.com if interested we can talk prices and play times for the carry to 2.2k. Thanks.

I understand that my win/lose ratio is exstreamly horrible. This is the reason why I am here posting for skilled arena players to help carry me to my dream. The amount of gold I offerd for skilled players can be changed depending on the skill you have within arena. I would like to thank-you all for reading this and hopefully one day my dream will come true. Please message me through my real ID: Austinchrisensen65@yahoo.com if interested on the server Darkspear. We will set up detailed play times and when to do so, I believe as of right now my gear is ready to go so please don't wait any longer come help thank-you. For the end of this season my next goal will be, to have the Challenger title this achievement is nearly impossible to get so please I must have team leader to stay in the team and hope for the best of the people carrying me thank-you.
Keep dreaming.
Thank-you, one day it will come true friend.
ill do it for 120k

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