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I've long loved healing... no matter how many times I've dabbled in tanking or DPS, I've always found myself back with healing. It's just FUN for me, and has been all the way back to early WoTLK. I was away for a good six months though.

Thing is, I don't know what it is in MoP, but I'm having the hardest time getting some good healing numbers. Consistently I find myself at the lowest or near lowest of the dedicated healers in LFR. I've done some research, and made sure I'm gemmed and enchanted properly, reforging away from unwanted stats, etc.

Ask Mr Robot has helped in that respect. But even with an equipped ilvl of 489, I'm still not feeling I'm up to speed. I'm less concerned, I suppose, about being on the lower end of heals, but I want to know I'm doing well ENOUGH. I want to migrate from LFR to 10-man normals, and I have a group I can run with, but I'm not confident I'm doing well enough to have them rely on me.

I'm looking for some advice, not on gearing or gemming... but on rotation, prioritization of targets for both raid and tank healing, what 'Heal per second' is a passable / good number to be at, all that stuff. If there's any experienced raid healadins out there that can offer advice, I'd be quite appreciative.
I would truly appreciate it if anyone could offer advice.
Welcome back to healing!

H paladins are all about generating and spending Holy Power.

So HR-HS after for the extra AOE. Obviously keep your tank beaconed.(Although lately ive been considering working beacon swapping a lot more.)

But for the most part HR HS LOD. Keep 3 stacks of EF up on your tanks and yourself. Use HOS often during large damage phases. Just with that rotation you can do well enough for LFR'S.

Use the DP talent. Getting a string of DP procs are great for an EF blanket... Thats where im interested in seeing how beacon swapping will be of use. With an EF blanket beacon swapping will make your over heals down and potentially conserve mana...theoretically.
But who knows....havent tried it yet.

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