Why does the Alliance get to kill Garrosh?

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Hahaha, it's amazingly funny how no one can seem to read anymore

Hey, people that shout about Horde Bias. This is how ridiculous you sound. Stop it.
I pointed it out a good 4 hours (At least, I have no sense of time) ago, 4-6 pages back.
Nobody reads anymore.
Also - Odds are, Vol'jin is going to kill Garrosh.

Rightfully so. The Alliance got Illidan, Arthas, Deathwing, and Lei Shen.

Deathwing? No

Your post are really horde bias to the point of silliness
If I recall none of the main bosses are actually told whether it was Alliance or Horde credited for their death(s).. The Lich King kill during the cutscene Bolvar says "You and these great champions" not Horde or Alliance also statue in Dalaran has humans and orcs on it. Also in Deathwing kill cutscene says "You and these great heroes" again no one really knows... Illidan seems more likely since was Alliance due to that elf who was there, Mievh? Forgive my spelling on her name i forgot how to spell it but remember the name... But you catch my drift if you're a lore fan
Personally I want something to happen like the players weaken him, then something happens to incapacitate them and all the Horde and Alliance racial leaders come in to finish him off together prison shower style.
Horde gets to kill Garrosh to, it's going to be the last raid of the expansion. The fact we help the trolls fight back against the kor'kron kinda proves that.
I actually think its more biased towards the Horde, since most of the story line is about the Horde faction. I mean we get a new Warchief again, which is pretty cool.

EDIT: I hope we get to see the new Warchief right away, instead of having to wait until the next xpac.

Tirion is not only not part of the Alliance, but he's still technically an exile.

Deathwing, and Lei Shen.
Are the only two on your list that are indisputable.
I think the grosh thing will end up being sha infection and we don't really kill him.
Troll post is troll.
The OP looked pretty obviously sarcastic to me by that last line
Next raid tier: invading exodar to kill the spacegoats
Next raid tier: invading exodar to kill the spacegoats

Heroic stockades for heroic Hoggar!
Now THAT's the best idea anyone has come up with yet! Well done!
I can't wait for that Loud-Mouthed, Blowhard to get what's coming to him, I don't care WHO kills him, but I definately want to put a few arrows into him.
How is Deathwing credited to the Alliance? Thrall lazorbeems him, the nameless heroes chop him up and the dragon aspects empower the aforementioned nameless heroes to do the aforementioned chopping. Where does the Alliance factor into that, except in cases where the nameless heroes are nameless Alliance heroes?
Yes, we are getting the pleasure of taking the backseat to the horde, as their leaders have some fun stories while all of the alliance's revolve around the Horde.
It better be Vol'jin for the killing blow.

Garrosh's image appears.

Vision of Garrosh Hellscream says: Don't talk back to me, troll. You know who was left in charge here. Haven't you stopped to ask yourself why Thrall chose me instead of you?

Vol'jin's image appears.

Vision of Vol'jin says: Dere be no question why, Garrosh. He gave ya tha title because ya be Grom's Son and because tha people be wantin' a war hero.

Vision of Vol'jin says: I tink ya be more like ya father den he thought, even without da demon blood.

Vision of Garrosh Hellscream says: You are lucky that I don't gut you right here, whelp. You are foolish to think you can speak to your Warchief in such ways.

Vision of Vol'jin says: Ya be no Warchief of mine. Ya not earned my respect. And I'll not be seein' tha Horde destroyed by ya foolish thirst for war.

Vision of Garrosh Hellscream says: And what exactly do you think that you're going to do about it? Your threats are hollow. Go slink away with the rest of your kind in the slums. I will endure your filth in my throne room no longer.

Vision of Vol'jin says: I know exactly what I'll be doin' about it, son of Hellscream. I'll watch and wait as ya people slowly become aware of ya ineptitude. I'll laugh as dey grow ta despise ya as I do.

Vision of Vol'jin says: And when tha time comes dat ya failure is complete and ya "power" is meaningless, I will be dere to end ya rule swiftly and silently.

Vision of Vol'jin says: Ya will spend ya reign glancin' over ya shoulda and fearin' tha shadows, for when tha time comes and ya blood be slowly drainin' out, ya will know exactly who fired da arrow dat pierced ya black heart.

Vision of Garrosh Hellscream says: You have sealed your fate, troll.

Vision of Garrosh Hellscream spits at Vol'jin's feet.

Vision of Vol'jin says: And you yours, "Warchief".

Did you just make that up or where can i find this? And all the lore if possible, I really want to read into the lore of WoW but can't find much without a lot of confusion on google.
Varian can beat Garrosh in a 1v1 fight, then deny him a death, since that would be an Orc's second best option after victory. Then, in a state of complete shame, a poison arrow goes through Garrosh's neck, with Vol'jin's image emerging from the shadows being the last thing he sees before everything goes black.

That sounds badass. I'd love to see a CGI version of that !
Rightfully so. The Alliance got Illidan, Arthas, Deathwing, and Lei Shen.

Maiev is sort of her own thing, not really Alliance. Arthas was killed by Tirion, who isn't Alliance. And pretty sure Thrall got the KB on Deathwing.

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