6% vs 3% expertise (PvP)

So i came back to the game a while ago and i always check some good guides etc and for some reason i found that the best rogues in the game never use the 6% expertise while all the guides i have seen tells me to.

And i just want to know which is the reason for this?
The Expertise soft cap of 3% (1020 Rating) will eliminate the chance for your attacks to be dodged or parried by caster specs/classes. Expertise beyond 3% continues to reduces the chance for your attacks to be dodged or parried, but this amount of Expertise comes at the cost of other stats. It is a matter of preference and playstyle to decide how much Expertise you need to prevent parries or dodges from other players.
It's going to take a lot more than 3% (or even 6%) expertise to stop dodges/parries from any physical damage dealer. The stat is less valuable since 3% will cover the dodge chance of all classes and specs, beyond that expertise is only applying to a subset of classes (and if you can do a good job of staying behind them, expertise does nothing).
Positioning eliminates being dodged/parried. Use it well.
3% nullifies base dodge, 6% nullifies base parry

6% is wasted on casters, but will make sure you are never parried by anyone who doesn't prioritize parry.
Its worth getting when you have passed certain damage (AP) and Crit levels.

Source - gotwarcraft.com gearing rogue
You may want to check the date next time!
To be honest you can reach 6% pretty easily since you can't really forge out of under 4%, it's usually more worthwhile to just go with it and reforge maybe one (if that) piece since it will land you closer to a solid 6% than 3%.

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