Looking for a Raid guild for the wife and I

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mal'ganis server

We're both close to getting to lvl 90, and really want to join a good guild, that raids. We're both going to be active so don't worry ;) please give your guild info in a comment. thanks!
=^.^= PLAYFUL =^.^=

Level 25 Alliance guild on Stormrage

Playful is recruiting any exceptional player but is in high need of a DPS.

About Playful:

Playful is a guild with many exceptional players with a focus on progression while maintaining a fun atmosphere. Playful was formed in 2010 by a group of fun loving PvEers that all met through several PUG raids and decided to come together into a single guild. The common thread with the guild members is a love of the game and raiding while achieving guild progression. The Playful love to discover the new content and still enjoy running older raids for achievement, mounts, pets or just for a good time. Several of our members love to PvP and spend many hours in battlegrounds and arenas, a goal for Playful is to get into RBGs as soon as possible.

As a PvE focused guild we are all about guild raid progression and strive to be the best we can and are always looking to improve not only our individual play, but that of the group. Many of our members are always looking at class changes to help others with suggestions and we are always open to help research questions brought by guild members.

Above all at Playful we just wanna have fun. While we do take raiding seriously, it should be fun as well. The guild in general is filled with all types of fun and interesting people. Guild chat and Teamspeak can get pretty wild at times, but is usually full of joking around and fun talk.



T15 – 1/12

T14 - 16/16 4/16 Heroic
MV: 6/6 Normal 4/6 Heroic
HoF: 6/6 Normal
ToES: 4/4 Normal with Elite Protectors

Raid Schedule: Wed/Thurs/Mon 9pm – 11pm EST

We expect high attendance from our raiders and expect that all will be online on time (prefer if raiders online 15 mins prior to start) and be prepared for the nights raids (fight research, flasks/pots, enchants and reforging done)

Raiders are required to have a stable internet connection, computer capable of handling the demands of raiding, Teamspeak and a working headset/microphone.

You also need a good attitude and an open mind.

Raiding Perks:

As a raider your flasks/pots and repairs are provided. We ask that you come prepared with your own individual buff food (300) however, with the last expansion there is to many different foods for the guild to keep up with.

For more information contact:

Charîsma: Pinky#1654
Gerrenë: Dat1guy#1180

Check us out!!!

Hi there...
"We do Not Sow" is a level 25 horde guild on ghostlands.. We are all pretty laid back and there are a few couples.. We have a rotation for raiding so everyone gets a turn.. We would run lfr with u and MSV to help u gear up. We just added a really great pvp leader too if u like that stuff :) we have a really great group of people who mostly have become friends in some way outside of wow.. ZERO drama as that's our policy :) def make a toon on our server and check us out! My battletag is: sappedurshyt#1274 good luck on ur search!! :)
Argent Dawn EST RP-PVE Horde


Thats right you guessed it. Rise is recruiting! We are currently looking for exceptional people from across the greater WoW populace to join Rise in our plans for world domination... erm or slaying internet dragons. You know... whatever comes first.
Note that I said exceptional people and not exceptional players. Why?
Because in short exceptional play can be taught. Being an exceptional person cannot.

But Voxxar... there are thousands of guilds recruiting. Why should I choose <Rise>?

I could tell you that consumers have chosen Rise more than any of the the other guys since December 29th 2012.
I could tell you that all <Rise> progression fights are completed with 10 chicken pets at the ready to back us up. (Fact: Chickens are distant cousins of Oondasta and that dude has laser beams!)
Disclaimer: Guild Chicken pets do not drop loot if killed.
Seriously though all joking aside the reason you should join <Rise> really boils down to one word

~ Community ~

<Rise> is a place where people of all backgrounds, religions, ethnicities, sexual orientations etc can come together to make connections, socialize, participate in activities, and share in their enjoyment of Azeroth in a judgement free environment.
I cannot stress how important the above statement really is. Wherever you’re from, Whatever you believe, you deserve a judgement free, fun, in game experience.

While I can only speak for myself I was sick of a guild experience where...

I was a background fixture at best
I was surrounded by Drama
No one cared if I was online unless they needed me for an event

If you identified by any of those bullet points Rise might be a good fit for you. Since joining the guild I find myself playing more often AND enjoying myself again.
The main reason for this is because I find myself surrounded by active, exceptional people, who are fun to be with, and that I am proud to call my friends with all the weight that Facebook has stolen from that word.

But Wait There’s More! ~ (Of Raiding, Chickens, PvP, Challenge Modes, etc)

For those of you who have been biting your nails in anticipation while reading this your wait is over.

Raiding - Yes we raid. (Its true... no I’m really not joking this time)

Saturday Morning (9:00 AM - 12:00 PM EST)
Sunday Morning (9:00 AM - 12:00 PM EST)

That being said we are a casual raiding guild. Please note that casual does NOT mean lazy or incompetent. (A common misconception).
We expect raiders to have a good attitude, to come prepared and be relatively reliable (75%) (Full Raiding Expectations can be found on our website)
While we began with the intention of raiding only 10s, our latest recruiting efforts have been absolutely amazing, and we never want to turn down an exceptional applicant because of space in the raid! We have decided to push to fill a 25 man raid, and intend to make the switch the first weekend of May! As of today, after 3 weeks of 10 man our progression is:
MSV (6/6)
HoF (5/6)
ToES (0/4)
ToT (0/12)

Progression is being steadily made and we intend to start Throne of Thunder immediately in May, so applicants should come with that expectation in mind and be ready to gear!
We want to point this out because if you are looking for server first kills, pushing hard modes etc Rise probably isn't a good fit for you. However if you have a desire to see content, have a good attitude and want to have a great time we just might be.
IMPORTANT: Chicken Battle Pet (Any Variety) required for raiding. No I wasn’t joking earlier.

Core Team Openings

While we are closer to a 25m roster than a 10m roster currently, we still have *many* openings in all positions! We're recruiting all comers, with a special emphasis on MELEE DPS and HEALERS (Monk class closed for both!) Don't let that stop you ranged and tanks though. All exceptional applicants who want a social, fun raid atmosphere are welcome!

Apply Today!

If this sounds up your alley, by all means visit our website and fill out a short application today! For quick reference you can find these handy documents here.
Guild Charter: http://rerollproject2k13.shivtr.com/forum_threads/1316613
Raid Charter: http://rerollproject2k13.shivtr.com/forum_threads/1316616

Also, if you need more information please don’t hesitate to contact me or one of our officers in game! You can find me on Battletag at Normak#1462, or contact Phyrst, Arvai, Jijari... any of our members really! Anyone will be happy to answer your questions, or point you to someone who can!
Thank you for your interest, and hope to hear from you soon!
We would welcome you :) We have lots of husband and wife players. My husband is my co-gm. Check us out :)

Hello, Shouhei (and Shouhei's wife). Not sure transferring is a possibility or what days/times you were looking to raid once you're ready, but we're open to couples and are always looking for new raiding buddies. <The Metalocalypse> is a friendly, mature guild that runs 10mans for late night players. Our Team2 might be a good fit as they are more casual and had a late start in MoP as well. They have the following schedule to offer:

10pm - 1am EST (can go longer if able to continue)
... or 7p - 10p PST / 8p - 11p MST / 9p - 12a CST

▬Team2 1-2 n/wk
Fri + Sat occasionally

Interested? Learn more on Team2's thread ( http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7166576609 ) or check us out at our website ( http://themetalocalypse.enjin.com/ )
GL with your guild search. We hope you find a place that makes both of you happy. :)

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