517 H Paladin LF Guild

Guild Recruitment
Our main group is 6/13hm.

My group is G2. We are 12/12 and looking to start heroics. But we are in need of a few key classes to progress further better yet.. looking for quality applicants to smooth out the roster. We are extremely laid back. And we never raid more than 3 days.

We raid T/W/TH progression and Sun or Mon for cleanup which is not required 8pm est to 12am est. Extending raid times to 1am do occur if a boss is near dead on H progression.

Current needs areas follows

Paladin- 1 Tank /1 Holy
Druid- Open (Boom/Resto)
Rogue- Open to exceptional applicants
Mage- Open to exceptional applicants
Shaman- Open (Enhance/ Resto)
Warlock- Open to exceptional applicants
Hunter- Open
Priest- Open to exceptional applicants
Monk- Open (MW)
Warrior- Closed
Death Knight- Open (Frost)

please apply here: spk.guildwebsite.info if you think we may be a fit for you.

All applicants are looked at and handled directly by me or with an in-game trial.

Add me: imagirl#1766

Couple positive sides, H- Area 52 has a huge horde population. The market sells a lot so if you enjoy playing the AH this is where to do it. There are ALWAYS pugs for older raids and newer raids at all hours of the day and night. So outside of raiding if your thing is to do msv, hof or toes.. even DS/ICC there are always runs going on.
Outlandish is an alliance guild on the Velen server focused on progression, achievements, fun, and quality play. We formed on Velen in 2009, although a number of the members of the guild have been playing together for 5+ years. We desire to find more similar minded people that want to progress through Mists of Pandaria and beyond while not raiding 30 hours a week. We can offer you a stable, mature (sometimes) raiding environment.

We raid from 9 PM EST - Midnight EST Tuesday - Thursday. At our current schedule of 9 hours per week, we rank 16th in the US among guilds that raid 9 hours or less per week for 5.1/T14. Currently for 5.2/T15, we are ranked top 10 in the US with the same criteria. As a result of our short raiding time, we expect people to be ready to rock right at 9 pm (invites @ 8:45,) and we pull and run back quickly to maximize our raiding time. We're the leading 25 man guild on Velen and have achieved server first Grand Crusader, Death's Demise, and Light of Dawn, as well as numerous individual server first achievements.

We are a very active guild, so if you're the type of person who logs on only for raids and then right off again, then this is probably not the guild for you. We also field a rated battleground team and will be looking to field an alt raid soon.

We generally accept the concept that people have lives outside of the game. To hedge against players occasionally missing a raid night for adequate reasons, we typically carry a conservative roster of 34-36 players. The officers are objective and fair in rotating players in and out of the bench, so all players see equal playing time under normal circumstances. At our current roster of 30, we're on the hunt for any exceptional applicants heading into 5.2 and beyond, but have slight preference for the following classes:

Feral Druid (Kitty; Bear offspec a plus)
Death Knight (DD; Blood offspec a plus)
Healers (Paladin/Mistweaver/Shaman preferred)
*Good DPS players of any class with previous strong heroic experience and/or who are outperforming their current guilds are encouraged to apply

Lesser need for:

At the same time, we're also on the market for good players (pretty sure it's a healer we're on the market for) for our RBG team atm. It runs from 8 EST to Midnight EST (at the latest, though it generally ends a bit earlier) Sundays (we've just added this day this week & we'll see how it works out) & Mondays.

Check us out at http://outlandish.dkpsystem.com (fill out an app!) or send a tell to Mindwarp (Mindwarp#1342), Gistwiki (Gistwiki#1686,) Morwen, Park, or Dukc with any questions. Hope to hear from you!
<Opponent> of Stormrage is recruiting for a core spot in our 10 man.
We are 2/13 Heroic.

Raid Days/Times S,T,W,Th 7.30-11.30 est possibility of optional Monday for cleanup.

Hey Veronica,
Immediate opening for a healer, your druid or pally would both be fine. Would love to talk to you more, hit me up. Contact info and spam below.

Essence is a 10M raiding guild on Cho'gall (PvP).

Looking for skilled, dedicated players who are committed to raiding and give 100% while there. Our group consists of people who retain rankings throughout tiers and have raided in top 50 US guilds. If you're a competitive player who can stay focused and enjoys a friendly atmosphere - get in touch. There's no room for obnoxious, irritable, or elitist attitudes in our raid. We are a semi-serious progression guild, but we play to have fun, so take the drama somewhere else. There's are immediate openings and we will do what we can to get the right recruits over to our server to begin raiding immediately.

- Gear must be optimally gemmed, enchanted and reforged
- Mumble and a working microphone
- Near perfect attendance
- Skill to perform within the top percentiles of your class
- High raid awareness and quick reactions to changing situations
- Fast learner; recognize when mechanics can be used to your advantage
- Ability and willingness to play multiple classes and specs
- Ability to take criticism and the desire to improve those areas
- Ability to recognize, own up to, and not repeat your own mistakes
- Knowledge of your class - inside and out.

T14 Progression:
6/6H - MSV
6/6H - HoF
3/4H - ToES

T15 Progression:
4/13H - ToT

Raid time:
(PST) 5pm-9pm
(CST) 7pm-11pm
(EST) 8pm-12pm

Raid Days:
Tuesdays, Wednesday, Thursday

Looking For <Priority>:

Druid <<high>>
Shaman <<high>>
Paladin <<high>>
Priest <<high>>

Mage <<high>>
Warlock <<high>>
Boomkin <<high>>
Ele Shaman <high>>

Apply at: www.essence.guildzilla.com
5/13 Heroic ... 9Hrs/week ... Add to chat ... Hit us up!

we have a core healer position open. :)

<Pandemonium> of Windrunner (PvE-PST)
Premier US Weekend Raiding Guild
Currently 3/13 heroic

Our goals are set very high and we expect you to have that same expectation for the guild, should you choose to apply and are accepted. We are looking for players that want to do hard modes and experience everything the game has to offer in its current form. However, we are not looking for players who ONLY raid to down bosses, but ones that are personable and will be an asset to our roster - when we raid, we raid efficiently and effectively, but most importantly, to have fun. We are a guild that offers stability, effective leadership, competitive progression and a group of like-minded players who love to have a good time on a light raiding schedule.

We are recruiting exceptional, dedicated players that are looking for top finishes in the US/World in Tier 15 and beyond. We're currently 3/13 Throne of Thunder Heroic. For more information, especially regarding our past traditions of success [including 8/8 25H DS completed at 5%, later 0%; LK 25H; 16/16h t14 etc] please visit our WoWProgress Page:


If you're interested in applying, please have experience in current and old content as we are ideally looking for seasoned players who know what it takes to make a top-end guild. World of Logs are compulsory for consideration on your application. **Also, all positions are full-time, core raid positions (assuming you pass trial). Be Awesome.

►Here’s some key information about the guild:

★ Raiding schedule is Friday through Sunday, 6:00 PM - 9:30 PM PST. You are expected to be at all raids and be able to maintain 95% attendance, no problem.

★ Loot is distributed through an Officer-Based Loot Council based on a myriad of criteria. Generally speaking, we mainly focus on distributing loot based on performance and attendance (combined) and have found that our loot council is extremely effective in distributing loot without the hassle of dumb drama.

★ We’re very serious about creating an atmosphere that will foster top end progression on a casual raid schedule, thus, we expect you:

• To theorycraft and research not only your class, but encounters and make sure that you are playing as optimally as possible. This should be second nature and something you enjoy.
• To maintain top-end performance as a trial and beyond.
• To participate in strategy discussions before raid (on forums) so that we are able to ensure that we are putting together the most optimal strategy.
• To have a progression oriented attitude such that you always come to raid hungry, yearning and itching to down the new, next boss and give it your full 110% effort.
• To enjoy yourself - at the end of the day, this is just a game. We want to have a good time and enjoy ourselves, and you should too.

★ We do enjoy our offnights, however, some of us itch to be together then too. It's worth mentioning that we are a guild of many MMO's and interests, and so, if: Alt Runs, Rated Battlegrounds, Arenas, Diablo III, Starcraft II, or other MMO’s are within your interests, then you are more than welcomed to participate.

If the above interests you and is something that you wish to immerse yourself into, please do not hesitate to visit our website and apply today:


Should you have any questions, comments or concerns, Berdy#1545 / Avalyne#1478
We are currently recruiting healers, ranged dps, and melee dps. We are currently 1/13 of heroic content. If you are interested in joining our guild <The Church> apply to www.churchguild.org or contact me via my battle tag Deathfathem#1324 or Discoelpay at Elpay#1485 if you have any questions.

<The Church>is an Alliance 25 man heroic progression guild. We raid 3 nights per week. We are on Darkspear, one of the most highly alliance populated pvp servers. We are currently 1/13 of Heroic Throne of Thunder. Our members strive to be not just great players, but great people too. We are friendly, mature, laid back, and work together to get the job done. Our #1 focus is killing bosses, but we offer a great community outside of raiding as well. You can apply to www.churchguild.org or contact me via my battle tag Elpay#1485 if you have any questions. We are always recruiting exceptional players!

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8:00-11:30 PM Mountain Standard Time

Right now, we are recruiting healers, melee dps, and ranged dps.

Check our website for the most updated information.

Church members must exhibit a thorough understanding of their class and how to use it to the benefit of their groups. We like people who can work well with others in stressful situations, who can analyze challenges and offer solutions while accepting the ideas of others, and above all, we look for members who have that rare, but treasured combination of fun-loving maturity.

We've cleared all content that's been released since the open of BC and have a few accomplishments under our belt:

Server first Eredar Twins (pre-3.0)
Server first Algalon 25 man (The Celestial Defender)
Server first Yogg 0 25 man (Death's Demise)
Tribute to Insanity 25
Only guild on Darkspear with Dedicated Insanity
Server first Heroic Gara'jal the Spiritbinder
Server first Heroic Spirit Kings 25 man
Server first Heroic Will of the Emperor 25 man (Delver of the Vaults)

What makes <The Church> stand out from other guilds?
The most common things look for in a guild they want to call home is current openings, current progression, and raid times. In addition to our 3-night 25 man niche, here are some of the reasons why <The Church> should be a place you can call home.

ACCURATE SCHEDULE - Our raids end on time. We make the commitment to start and end the raids on time because we know you want to get as much content complete as possible without interfering with sleep schedules or other commitments you have outside of the game.

STELLAR PLAYERS - All of our players come prepared to raid. We do not bring players who need to be carried. There is no drama pushing people away. Everyone takes the extra time to research all encounters and class mechanics to excel.

NO RECRUITING FOR BENCH - Our players come to raid and that is exactly what they do. We value every member of our team. Sometimes other guilds recruit an openings and only allow new recruits access to one or two fights. Our goal is to have recruits engage all content as often as possible.

FUN GUILD - We find the balance between staying focused in raids and having a light hearted fun time. We all want to enjoy the game, make good progression, and make new friends. We are a mature, we are pleasant to be around, and there is always a character or two online to make you smile.

You can read more about us and apply online at www.churchguild.org .* For more information, you can talk to Discoelpay in-game, send a PM to Discoelpay on our forums, or add Discoelpay's battle tag Elpay#1485. Please note, some kind of combat log such as WWS/WMO/WOL will greatly improve your chances of being accepted. First impressions are key.

P.S: Contrary to our name, we are not a religious guild in any way.
V A N Q U I S H is an alliance guild on the Sargeras server focusing on 25-man heroic (relevant) content. Our goal is to clear all the heroic mode boss encounters of the current tier while keeping our actual raid time to a bare minimum and keeping our raid environment as enjoyable as possible in the process.

Recruitment is now open, but not limited, to the following classes. If you're not of these classes and you feel as if you'd be a perfect fit for our guild, apply anyways! We will make room for exceptional players regardless of what we're actively looking for at the time.

Holy Paladin
Holy/Discipline Priest
Restoration Shaman
Mistweaver Monk
Feral Druid

What <V A N Q U I S H> can offer you:

-- Progression-minded players. Our players know how to research boss fights before the actual raid, know how to min-max their character, and know what it means to not die every other pull to raid wiping mechanics. Well, not all of them know that last part but hopefully by recruiting you, we'll fix that!

-- 12 hour raid week. Progression through heroics doesn't mean you have to dedicate your life to the game. We raid Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays from 8PM to 12AM Eastern Standard Time.

-- Stability. VQ has been playing together since late 2004 and we've been playing together in World of Warcraft for over 7 years now under the same leadership.

-- Fun, friendly raiding atmosphere. Progression can be serious when you're raiding with limited time, but we still keep it fun. This is a game, after all.

-- Thriving server. Sargeras is enormous. It's so heavily populated with alliance that you can literally PUG anything at any time of the day. Our auction house is extremely healthy as well.

What we expect from trial members:

-- Dedication. Due to our limited raid time, we expect trials to have 100% raid attendance.

-- Superb raid awareness. We cannot stress this point enough. If you have a bad habit of dying to avoidable mechanics, or getting others killed by doing something you shouldn't be doing, then save yourself the time and money and do not apply here. Bosses can't die if people are killing themselves or others.

-- Competitive HPS/DPS. Most of our raiders have horrible back injuries from tiers of years past. We physically cannot be carrying anymore trials.

-- A personality one can love! In all seriousness, we're not going to recruit people who can't get along with 24 other players. They're cancerous to the raid environment and no amount of skill can justify keeping them in this guild.

If <V A N Q U I S H> is just what you're looking for, then contact us now and begin your application process! If you have any questions about VQ or the recruitment process, you can contact an officer @ battletag Onslaught#1285 or battletag Luckyvq#1762.

To formally apply, simply visit our website (http://www.vqguild.net) and fill out a simple Q&A located on our recruitment forums.

Our progression status and links to our first-kill videos can be found here: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/sargeras/V+A+N+Q+U+I+S+H/rating.tier15_25
<Summit> 25-man 4/13H
We raid Tues, Wed, and Thurs from 7-11pm CST.

Contact me: Blizzhoof#1716 or go to our website at Summitguild.com
<Business Attire> is a Horde progression raiding guild on US Mal'Ganis. We are looking for a few replacements (real life happens to people) plus exceptional applicants to round out our roster. What are we currently recruiting?
1 tank - preferably plate
1 healer - paladin
Any amazing apps will of course be considered. Gear splitting and raid comp is simply what we're looking to min/max.

Main Raid Times Include:
Thurs. 11:30-2:30am CST
Sun. 10:30-2:30am CST
Mon. 11:30-2:30am CST

If you are interested in applying or learning more about our guild, please visit our webpage at www.businessattireguild.com.
would love to talk to you about our open core spot for heroic progression

hit me up

Contingency is currently 5/13 Heroic ( 25M Raiding )

US 62 Rank Tier 14 ( Sha kill US 68 )
US 77 Rank Tier 13
US 179 Rank Tier 12

We raid Mon-Thurs 9-12EST

Materblaster NicholasStrauthers@gmail.com <-- Speak with me Directly.

Huge in Japan is currently US 24th 25 man, 8/13 HM, and we're looking for competent players to join our ranks.

We raid
Monday-Thursday 6-11 PST (currently start at 630)

If you'd like to talk to one of our officers contact Martencar, Zlanis, Yetibear, Kerplunkk, Phys, or if you just want to chat for a few minutes feel free to add me to battletag: JaceDK#1316

Apply at http://www.huge-guild.net/index.php?board=3.0
I'm not entirely sure what your hours are (totally feel you on the hiatus, I took my break from end of DSh to end of MSV h, whoops) but I'd love to talk to you about a core raiding spot with us. We're not recruiting for the bench, you'd be seeing a lot of playtime. Here's the guild info, hope to hear from you soon <3

<HAKS> ~ 10 Man ~ Blackrock - US (High Pop)
Raid nights/times ~ Monday to Thursday, 6pm - 9pm PST/9 - 12 EST
* Occasional raid extension to clear progression
Loot Distribution ~ Loot Council
Current Progression: 2/13 Heroic ToT
Wowprogress link: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/blackrock/HAKS
Guild website link: http://haksguild.enjin.com/home

Currently Recruiting: UPDATED April 19th 2013
Ele Shaman - Boomkin - Holy Paladin
Resto Shaman - Monk -Druid
Everything Else

About Us
What We Provide
- Fun but focused atmosphere
- A tight knit team who works together to down content
- Raiding Supplies - Flasks/Gems/Enchants/Food
- Sense of community outside of raid (BGs, arenas, old content, alt runs, a second raiding group)

What We Expect
- The basics (on time, properly enchanted/gemmed/reforged before raid starts)
- Knowledgeable of mechanics pre-pull
- Focused & communicative
- Competitive
- Active & reliable

If you are interested in applying or getting to know more about us, either add on battletag or send an in game tell/mail.

GM - Hugs Battletag - sam#12469
Officer - Bear Battletag - bear#1286
Officer - Fayoh Battletag - fayoh#1737
Officer - Ibprofin
Hi Veronica! We're in need of healers and would love to talk to you! Guild spam inc:

>> http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/sargeras/Seriously+Casual << Now with boss kill videos!

Seriously Casual, a 25-man Heroic Alliance raiding guild on Sargeras, is recruiting as we progress through more Heroics in Mists. Current needs are below, but we'll consider exceptional applicants. Remember to include logs! :)

In-Game Contacts: Ashex (Battletag: Ashex#1540) - Or via Private Message on the SC forums.
Guild Website: http://seriouslycasual.org (apply here)
Raid Times: Monday-Thursday 7-11pm Server time (CST)
5.2 PTR Server: Anasterian PVE

Current Recruitment Targets

Warrior (Protection) - High

Monk (Mistweaver) - High
Druid (Resto) - High
Priest (Disc/Holy) - High
Paladin (Holy) - High
Shaman (Resto) - Medium

Priest (Shadow) - High
Druid (Moonkin) - High
Hunter - High
Shaman (Elemental) - Medium
Warlock - Medium

Applications are submitted through our forums at seriouslycasual.org. World of Logs parses are strongly encouraged.

Previous Accomplishments and Accolades

We have maintained strong rankings throughout the course of WotLK and Cataclysm content, with accomplishments under our belt such as:

  • Heroic Sha of Fear
  • Heroic Madness of Deathwing
  • Heroic Ragnaros
  • Glory of the Firelands Raider
  • Glory of the Raider (10 and 25)
  • Glory of the Ulduar Raider (10 and 25)
  • Glory of the Icecrown Raider (10 and 25)
  • Glory of the Cataclysm Raider
  • Celestial Defender
  • Death's Demise
  • Tribute to Insanity (10 and 25)
  • The Light of Dawn
  • Realm First! Nefarian
  • Realm First! Al'Akir
  • 13/13 25 Heroic Tier 11 Content including Sinestra, Ascendant Council, and Al'Akir

About the Guild

We maintain a fun, yet focused raid environment that acknowledges that, while this is still a game we all play for enjoyment, each of us has other obligations outside of the game. It is our goal to have a good time playing while not wasting each others' time with excessive fooling around.


The following is expected of our applicants:

  • You should have prior progression raiding experience. This can be anywhere from Vanilla all the way up to the current tier. What is important is that you understand what it means to be a part of a progression raiding environment.
  • You should be ready to wipe. Progression is progression because it is difficult! Wiping for hours on a new boss is part of that, and you should be prepared for it!
  • You should have all your appropriate consumables ready. This includes 300 stat food, potions, and flasks. Make sure you are prepared! Role-appropriate potions should be used on every progression pull (and used pre-pull when applicable).
  • You should have a relatively competitive gear level. If you're in unenchanted blues and quest items, you should probably consider bolstering your gear before applying.
  • You should know your class! Raiders are frequently required to play multiple specs. You should know how to not only perform as your main spec, but also be able to fulfill your role as a different spec.
  • You need to be competent! You should be able to fulfill your class's maximum potential while maintaining situational awareness.

Loot System

Our loot system is a modified zero-sum DKP system, the details of which are posted publicly on our site.

In-Game Contact Information and Closing

If you are interested please feel free to put up an application. If you'd like to talk to someone, shoot a SC forum PM or battletag request to Ashex (Ashex#1540). We look forward to playing with you!
<Echo> 1/13H is a Horde guild that has been raiding in one form or another since late Wrath with the same core people. We consider ourselves a semi-hardcore/borderline casual raiding guild, three hours a night four nights a week, with off nights once we clear content.

We're currently looking for outstanding players of the following class/spec:

1x Resto Shaman

1x Resto Druid

1x Ele Shaman

1x Warlock

1x Holy Paladin

1-2x Solid dps specs that can be discussed on a class by class basis, strong preference for ranged though.

We raid Mon-Thurs 9pm-12am EST.

The goal is to have 30 or so raiders in our group and raid slot will be determined by your ability and fight requirements.

While those are the main things we'd like to pick up, we are open-minded enough to look at any solid players that are willing to put forth the effort we require. One thing that should be noted is that we will always be looking to recruit solid players and we will not tolerate carrying anyone. Guild progression is the primary concern for all topics in the minds of the officer corps.

Thrall is an outstanding server with a robust economy and it's always easy to find pugs or RBG groups for those interested. It's considered High Pop with a very strong Horde presence.

If you're interested and would like to know more, the main points of contact are Anzabe/Emiri and Scield via the battletags Anzabe#1816 and McGear#1716. Though if I'm not around, any of us can point you in the right direction. You can also feel free to drop an application at echoguild.com
Dire of Sargeras is looking for a Holy Paladin.

The guild is 1 month old and we are 2/13 Heroic and are only getting stronger as we recruit better players!

Our raid times are 10pm-2am EST or 7-11 PST (Which might be perfect for you!)

Send me a friend request if you want to chat: Kruski#1299
Hello we're looking to add a holy pally.

We're 2/12H at the moment.
Raid times are 8 to 12 EST - Tues/Wed/Thur/Sun
B.net is Parages#1986
hey there, we are in HIGH need of a holy pally for our 25 man roster. i will leave our spam with Real ID, lets chat if interested

we are 25 man, 3days 8-11pm PST

About us:

Name: <Solace>
Faction: Horde
Server: US Boulderfist (PST-PVP-Cyclone)
Type: 25
Raid Days & Times: - Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday 8p.m. - 11p.m. ( PST- Server time)
Loot type: EPGP

Progression: 1/13 Heroic

Website: www.solace-guild.net

Who are we?

We are <Solace> and currently recruiting for our 25 man. Solace has been an active, mature 25 man raiding guild on Boulderfist for 3 years. We are looking to enhance our roster. We are looking for Reliable, Dedicated, and skilled raiders. We have a mature relaxed raiding atmosphere, and are looking for other like minded raiders who can raid well above the rest, while still maintaining that atmosphere. If you are interested in joining this amazing team please keep reading below

Ranged- DPS:


Melee DPS:
Kitty Druid

Contact us in-game, or our website at www.solace-guild.net

Please direct all questions to the recruitment officers
Falux Real- ID beenatay@gmail.com
BATTLE TAG: Falux#1649

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