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So, a few weeks/bosses into ToT and many a coin has been spent. Still no new weapons.
My dps has been suffering for this so far, is there any way I can milk some more dps out of the toon just on reforges or talents/glyphs.
You gem straight mastery? You have pathetic agility. Your weapons should do for now till you get lucky.
Red = pure agi
Yellow = Agi/haste
Blue = agi/hit

also why are you gemming haste and reforging into mastery?

Try going Hit/Exp cap > Agility > Haste > Mastery > Crit

And maybe use Ancestral Swiftness and Primal Elementalist for talents. Haste is king now.
Haste is king now.

Haste is only worth a damn if you have RPPM trinkets and/or the legendary meta gem. If you don't really have any ToT loot yet Mastery will most likely serve you better till you get better items.
if you don't have RPPM trinkets get a good balance of haste/mastery imo

if you haven't OP, read the stickied guide
Have read the sticky, it works well if your weapons scale with your gear. Mine however are lacklustre at best. Thanks for the advice guys. I'll give a few things a crack and see what happens.
it works well if your weapons scale with your gear

yeah that doesn't really change anything but okay
Mastery mastery mastery mastery

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