{A} RUG (3/13 Heroic)

Hey forum lurkers, we are a fairly new guild on this server. We raid Heroic 10m ToTs M/T/TH @ 8:30pm - 12pm eastern time. Our raid group is currently looking for a few extra hands to help us continue with ToTs progression, as some of our main members are having real life issues. This is what we are looking for.

Any Tank
Any Heal
Any Ranged DPS
Exceptional Melee

Our leadership consists of some very old-school mindsets with regards to raiding. Our main requirements is that you are committed to your toon and can hold your own in boss fights. Survivability and mechanic recognition is more important than numbers.

Here is our website, you can post an application on here or establish contact with any of the three officers in the game, myself, firelass, & twittersme.

Still searching...

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