Ret PvP : Love it!

:D Been playing Retribution as PvP - and I've only ever played Ret. Cataclysm I didn't care too much, but this expansion it's been very fun. We're not a damage class - so don't expect to run out and kill everything.

THat's the job of Rogues, DK's, Warriors, Mages, and Warlocks.

(Rogues should be a CC class, but theu get CC and Damage)


:D If you play the class for what it's meant, it is an absolute blast!
Help your teammates over "Deal all the damage", and play for fun - you'll surely admire this class overall!
(Oh and when we burst, we're one of the top BLAST YOUR FACE classes.)
;D Good luck everyone!

Edit to sound sweet!
Good for you buddy, after all it's a game..! If your not having fun then there's not much point in playing!

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