How do you re-gain interest in WoW?

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I agree, sometimes, taking a break of something make us appreciate it so much more when we get back at it. And there will always be some new patches and expansions coming up.
Its good to take breaks from the game. I played hard in BC and wrath, left for most of cata, now I'm back and loving it.

Try console gaming for a while, alot of good titles out there that you can beat in less then a month. Then come back :)
Take a break.
I think it's pretty much like anything else in life. When you love something, but get bored of it for some reasons, you're always more than happy to go back to it when you've had the opportunity to ''miss it''.
I have 15 level 85+ toons of all classes, over 1 million in gold, GM of a 800 member level 25 guild, use a 46" LED, high end computer set-up, have played on a daily basis without interruption since Vanilla, and have totally lost interest in the game.

I think the biggest reason for this is that my main server is dead. No-one is raiding anymore, or doing RBG's. I have toons on more populated servers, including Illidan (the most populated horde server) but I haven't been able to connect with others on those servers. Maybe that is what is missing, the camaraderie.

I love this game, but I'm starting to drift away, and wish desperately to regain that passion for it. Has anyone else gone through this? What did you do to become more involved again?

15 level 85+ toons of all classes, over 1 million in gold, GM of a 800 member level 25 guild just means you have so much time to play this game. This is a game not a job. never be played by a game. If you can not get fun from this game, just afk. You can come back anytime when you want. It is easy!
I know how you feel, even though I don't have as much gold or alts but still got every healing class to lvl+80, I'll log in every so often to heal some random bgs and maybe do a couple of random dungeons.

I'll play once in a while with my girlfriend's daughter, questing and helping her learn how to play.

If I get bored of WoW, I log into Diablo III and play with my girlfriend on our hardcore toons.

I think having so many alts is kinda pointless after a while because in the end, you come back to your main and the rest of the toons collect dust. It was painful enough to level my warrior to 90 and now I have my healers to level 85-90...!

Having a full time job with a girlfriend and 3 kids, there just isn't enough time to have so many alts, so I'm thinking of deleting most of them and keeping my warrior, druid and shaman.
Take a break.

This. You'll come back refreshed. I take a haitus from this game every once in a while for several months. The game is interesting again when I return.
take a break :) or go start on a new server?

I take breaks about once an expansion, during that time I play other mmo's, buy games on steam to play (and I play them even when I'm playing wow) and I eventually come back :)
Take a breather, seriously.

I just came back after 5 months of not playing and am enjoying it very much again.
I just took a look at the acheivements I still have to do in the older zones and check on my alts to see where I left them...sometime just changing to another toon keeps me from getting burn out.
Play a different game. SWtOR just had an expansion and their leveling is pretty soild, so getting to 50 or 55 should keep you amused, as long as you think of it as a single player game and don't expect any good endgame or anything. Bioshock Infinite was fun, Tomb Raider was amazing...lots of things to choose from.

Take a break, veg out on some single player fun times, come back renewed. That's what I do anyway
My bf and I have played as long as you, OP. For me, I took a couple long breaks when I was feeling the angst; it helped. My bf however has flat out stated to me *This game is played out and old, I have a hard time logging on.* He sticks around because I do, but he has found other games to occupy his time and just logs when he feels like it.

Sometimes it is not possible to recapture what is lost; you have to find a way to either reinvent what the game once meant to you and find enjoyment, or just toss in the towel and move on.

Good luck to you.
I was losing interest. I've been Alliance since I joined in 2005.

Then I resurrected an old, RAF'd myself, and rolled horde.

Now I'm having a blast again! :)
You've been playing for a long time. Naturally one would lose interest.

I've been playing a lot lately, more than ever, and the interest is diminishing.
Believe it or not when I am in a burnout phase I just look up nostalgic wow videos on youtube and even listen to zone music. Look up Mt. Hyjal music on youtube, it's incredible. So many other good ones like Everson Woods day music and "enchanted forest music" that plays in Ashenvale. There are so many more fantastic tracks that get me in the mood to play WoW.

Also watching live streams on makes me want to play again.
I love this game, but I'm starting to drift away, and wish desperately to regain that passion for it. Has anyone else gone through this? What did you do to become more involved again?

Yyyep! How do I bounce back?:

• Tank/heal a dungeon where I actually matter (my importance tends to scale with the ilvl of others). It typically only needs to happen once and I'm back in it again.

• Run LFR without dying. It only needs to happen once and I walk away happy.

• Read something here on the forums that hits me just right.
I sometimes feel burnt out. Then I go raid.
Its time to get a life bro.

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