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I saw this post on the EU forums and loved the idea! I think if people try real hard to create a balanced boss we might even see, at least somewhat, it come true (no flame, just a dream)! So here's the original post:


I like throne of the thunderking so far, there was a nice build up and i was/am anxious to see Lei Shen. Some fights in there feel familliar i have to say, offcourse there are only "that" much options on designing fights but now i'm curious how you would design a raid boss, what abilities you would give him, what strategy would be needed, perhaps what lore lies behind him/her/it.

I'll go first !

(I'm not that ehmm good with lore perhaps and stuff but i'll try to paint a basic picture)

MoP for me is a pretty "spiritual" expansion with getting in touch with energies and nature and stuff so for me perhaps an interesting boss would be some energy cloud that would be released and would take possession of a random raidmember. That raidmember will become the boss. Perhaps it could be a mechanism like in the piramides in egypt where secret traps are hidden in the pyramide. This could be a mechanism that can be triggered and the could will be released. This raidboss would be very unpredictable because he'll get abilities/specs based on the class AND spec he possesses. (perhaps because of the unpredictable nature of this boss it should be an "optional" boss.
Offcourse the fight would have to be tuned as a single tank fight since your tank could become the one possessed.

As far as abilities go i'dd give the boss a few standard abilities comming back nomather what class it possesses like (since it's based on the "traps" in pyramides) sliding floor during some phazes (squares moving) with some squares are open holes wher one can fall in and die in the bottom of the pit because of "evil energy smoke thingy)

another ability could be an ability that uses the "energy" to temporarely rez a random boss you've killed in the raid (offcourse with minimized abilities and skill)
this rezzed boss should be nuked down asap and slowed because it would focus on the healers for example.

mm let's stick with the "pyramide" theory and include and ability that will engage a mechanism that will make huge maces or ehmm well my engish ain't that good so i can't find the right words but it should trigger like some huge maces swinging through the room, you should tank the boss in front of it and it'll put a debuff on the boss making him/her take increased dmg for xx amount of time.

for the rest i'dd say the boss should take over some of the abilities of the possessed class/spec so the fight would become well you'dd have to know like 20 different strategies for this boss since every class will do random things.

I'll think some more about different bosses but i'm interested in your creative ideas and suggestions !

(I'll be posting my own creation later when I actually have some free time.)
ToC Champions but they would all be WoWified versions of Mortal Kombat characters.
Here's an example of one to start people off with an idea of what I'm picturing for this thread (reading his post is better than the quote, it has boldness and underlines and italics!);


I thought of some of those already. Here is one of my ideas (originally for a Warcraft 3 custom map, but could also be a WoW boss):

Culuthas <The Grim Reaper>

This boss fight consists of three phases. You battle Culuthas in a room with two levels. Think of it like the Gurubashi Arena The middle would be the lower level, where the outer ring would be the upper level. Also, you enter the room from one side (whatever, south, east, doesn't matter) and on the three other sides there is a bigger plattform at the upper level. This is important for phase 2.

Phase 1

You fight Culuthas in the lower level. He has the following abilities:

Grim Grasp
Grasps all players towards him. Afterwards, immediatly starts to cast Shadow Nova.

Shadow Nova
He channels this spell for a few seconds and then unleashes a shadow nova, dealing damage to everyone within the radius. (The damage should be enough to oneshot everyone except the tank. If the tank would have 1500 HP and everyone something between 600 and 900, the damage should be around 1000)

Withering Death
Culuthas will cast this DoT on every player each XXX seconds (30? 45? 50? 60?) that deals damage each second. This DoT can't be removed and lasts for the whole fight (but it shouldn't deal that much damage, maybe just something like (if we go with the stats provided above) 3 damage per stack. When you have 10 stacks, it would deal 30 damage per second on everyone for the whole fight.).

Steal Life Essence
Culuthas will channel this spell on a random player. This is a normal life stealing effect that will deal damage each second but heal Culuthas for 10 time the damage he does. To stop the channel the target must either die or you have to deal enough damage (like Prince Taldaram's vampire ability in Ahn'Kahet).

Phase 2

This phase starts when Culuthas reaches 50% health. He will teleport to the platform of the other side of the entrance (if the entrance is east, he would port to the western platform). He would talk a few lines and then start this phase. He is immune to all sources of damage in this phase.

Summon Skeletal Minions
Culuthas will summon skeletal minions during phase 2. He will spawn 1 Skeletal Behemoth and various Skeletal Warriors and Skeletal Mages. The Behemoth must be tanked, the other adds must be burned down by the DPS. The small skeletons will spawn until the Behemoth is killed.

Skeletal Behemoth
Giant skeletons with an extremely high health pool. There is no way you could kill them by normal means (when Culuthas has 100.000 HP then these guys would have around 500.000 HP).

Shield Slam
Deals damage and stuns his target for a few seconds.

Colossal Smash
The Skeletal Behemoth starts a colossal smash on his target! Avoid it! (Like the on e Ability Ozruk has, simply move through the mob)

Skeletal Warrior
Small melee skeletons that attack any player. These have to be killed by the DPS.

Increases the Skeletal Warrior's attackspeed by 50%. He uses this ability when he reaches 50% health.

Skeletal Mage
Small caster skeletons that attack any player. These have to be killed by the DPS.

Hurls a frozen bolt at a random target, dealing damage and slowing the targets movement- and attackspeed by 33% for 5 seconds.

Cast on a random target with mana. Burns some of the targets mana and deals damage equal to three times mana burned.

Culuthas uses this to teleport on one of the three platforms. It is random to which he will teleport and he can even teleport to the platform he is standing on. He uses this ability at various points in phase 2:
- Directly after his speech when entering phase 2.
- After he completly channeled Death and Decay.
- After he completly channeled Waves of Demise.
- After he has summoned a Skeletal Behemoth.

Death and Decay
Culuthas channels this ability from one of the three platform to an area somewhere in front of the platform on the lower level. Anyone standing in it takes 3% of his maximum life as damage each second (anyone means, players and enemies - so the tank has to tank the Skeletal Behemoth in this spell to kill it). He channels this spell for 20 seconds. After the third Death and Decay he will cast Waves of Demise.

Waves of Demise
Culuthas will summon shadow orbs that will flow down upon his enemies. The direction in which they go depends on his position (this ability should work like the stampede skill of the Beastmaster from Warcraft 3. Instead of Thunder Lizards, dark orbs will move through the screen. If you don't know what I mean, think of Bladelord Tayak, phase 2. But the Tornados would move over the whole battlefield. They won't kill you, but you should try to avoid as much as possible. When Culuthas stands on the northern platform, they will move from north to south. If he stands on the western platform, they will move from west to east, etc.). After he has finished channeling this ability he will summon new skeletons.

Phase 3

Phase 3 will start after he used Waves of Demise for the third time (the wave after the third Skeletal Behemoth). Culuthas will teleport himself to the lower level and can be attacked again. He retains some of his phase 1 abilities but also gains some new ones.

Grim Grasp
Grasps all players towards him. Afterwards, immediatly starts to cast Shadow Nova.

Shadow Nova
He channels this spell for a few seconds and then unleashes a shadow nova, dealing damage to everyone within the radius. (The damage should be enough to oneshot everyone except the tank. If the tank would have 1500 HP and everyone something between 600 and 900, the damage should be around 1000)

Blessing of Culuthas
This replaces Withering death, but has a similar effect. This spell will only affect a single player and not all like Withering Death did. Increases the targets attack speed, attackpower and spellpower by 100%, but also deals damage each second and burns mana/secondary ressource each second. This DoT can't be removed for the rest of the fight, but it also can't stack.

Skeletal Sniper
These start to spawn during phase 3. They will spawn on the upper level and can only be attacked by range or with range skills, but have low HP, so that even a single healer spell could kill them. They have an extremly high range and can shoot from one end of the room to the other. The longer phase 3 lasts the more and/or faster these spawn.

Multi Shot
Shoots arrows at all players in the room.

Hail of Arrows
Shoots arrows at a location where a player stands, dealing damage each second to everyone who stands in it.

Elite Mode

To activate Elite mode, the third Skeletal Behemoth must survive until phase 3 starts. Culuthas will then absorb the Skeletal Behemoth and heal for his remaining life. Therefore, you still have to bring the behemoth down to nearly zero HP. Also, small skeletal adds will spawn until phase 3 starts, even through the Wave of Demise.

Phase 3 will then change dramatically.

Death and Decay
This will replace Shadow Nova in Phase 3. Instead of channeling Shadow Nova he will immediatly use Death and Decay and channel that for 12 seconds. This version of the spell deals 10% of the targets maximum life as damage each second, but only affects players, no enemies.

Colossal Wave of Demise
Culuthas will port to one of the three platform on the upper level and channel this spell. The shadow orbs are now much bigger and will deal much more damage to anyone who gets hit by them.

Meat Wagon
These will spawn every XXX seconds (really slow, one for every 5% - 10% of Culuthas life), one at a time, on the upper level platforms. They will hurl balls of flesh at the players on the lower level, dealing AoE damage. They have more health as the archers and have to be killed as soon as possible.

Disease Cloud
Each attack of the Meat Wagon will leave behind a disease cloud that deals damage to everyone who stands in them. They won't last forever, but really long (think of 60-120 seconds).
Unicron space-ship raid,
nuff said
In the Siege of Orgrimmar, Hoggar

Hoggar has escaped! The Stockades were merely a setback. He now roams wild and enters Orgrimmar during the siege hoping to take advantage of the chaos and score some loot.

The players encounter him carrying a Sack of Ill Gotten Goods just as he leaps towards an elevator.

Phase 0: The raid must pull the emergency break and hop on the elevator without dying. The break is a little rusty and takes about 2 minutes to fully stop the elevator.

Phase 1: On the Elevator
a) One is Howl of the Legend which deals moderate physical raid AoE damage and is cast every 10 seconds. It is uninterruptible.
b) The second is Sundering Strikes which reduces armor by 20% per application. It lasts for 30 seconds and is cast every 20 seconds.
c) He does a standard cleave for every melee swing.

Phase 2: Hogger, realizing that the elevator has come to a complete stop, hops on a second elevator adjacent to the first. The party must then successfully transition to the second elevator without dying.
a) He continues with the same abilities from Phase 1
b) He throws an item from his Sack of Ill Gotten Goods at a random party member inflicting heavy physical damage to any person standing in 5 yards of the initial target. The travel time of the item is 3(ish) seconds and varies by difficulty.
c) A rope of the elevator becomes targetable and must be dps'd down before the elevator reaches the bottom! If it does hogger instantly hits his Berserk Timer (see below.)

Phase 3: Once the rope is cut Hogger leaps to a third elevator, this one going back up! The party must successfully transition to the new elevator without dying.
a) He continues with the same abilities from Phase 1
b) Instead of throwing things from his sack he now swings the sack at the tank every 60 seconds for a heavy physical damage cleave.
c) If Hogger reaches the top alive he instantly hits his Berserk Timer (see below.)
d) Once Hogger is reduced to 1 health or less he drops his Sack of Ill Gotten Goods (now the loot chest) and flees down a rope. He escapes successfully to return another day.

Berserk Timer: Once this is hit he engages his Ultimate Ability, Classic Time! Everyone is transformed into a Level 1 Gnome and he immediately starts casting Howl of the Legend.

Edit: In LFR he is tuned to the level of a 5 man heroic boss due to only up to 5 people surviving each transition.

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