help with button keypress down

UI and Macro
Im currently using a logitech g13 gaming pad.
Since the new patch they now have a option of
Ticking action button to work while down.
For sone reason mine aint working.
Anyone ekse have the same problem?
Can anyone help me please.
I goto wait till buttons depressed fir it to work.
It works on keyboard buttons but not on mouse buttons. Now I don't know what g13 would count as but I'm guessing they do not count as regular keyboard buttons so this option doesn't apply to them.
I know some addons add this to the mouse buttons as an option so it might be possible to have a mini-mod to add this functionality in for you. But I wouldn't know how. You need someone with a bit more programming and who owns a g13.
But that's a programmable pad. Does it not give you the option to execute a macro on press down?

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