Casually Crushing (3/13 HM) LF Hunter OR Prot

Casually Crushing is a semi-hardcore end-game 10M raiding guild that offers a fun & social raid environment whose primary focus is a balance of competitive progression with less raiding hours than most guilds at our progression.

Even if your class listed below is not listed as a priority, keep in mind that the majority of the best players don’t come from top US raiding guilds. If you consider yourself to be exceptional, we will be likely to recruit you.

Current Recruitment Needs
• Prot Paladin OR
• Hunter

Current Raid Tier
3/13 HM

Previous Raid Tier:
6/6 HM MSV
5/6 HM HoF
1/4 HM ToT

Raid Schedule:
We raid from 8 – 11 CST on Thursday / Sunday / Monday (3 Nights – 9 hours) and we RARELY extend raid hours during progression.

We are looking for solid players who can commit to our raiding schedule and motivated to participate in our progression. We’re not just looking for people who can top meters – survivability, situational awareness and ability and making sure that you’re having fun raiding is also key. We like maintain a light raid environment while still maintaining a serious approach to progression.

How to Apply
Please contact either myself Savior#1355 or Thoril#1195 or Savior / Thoril in-game for a quick chat and vent interview. Thanks for your time!

You can view our Logs here:
Looking for a Beast Hunter or Prot Pally!
Still looking !
Still looking!

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