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okay, so ive been playing straight for about 4 hours with the Opengl "fix"...only had 1 error so far..BUT, that was about an hour ago..and none yet...ive done LFR, a BUNCH of bg's on my DK, and a couple heroics...

*KNOCK ON WOOD* but hopefully its a semi quick fix for this !@#$ty error......i know blizz is workin as "best" as they this opengl just prolonged my sub for a couple more hours lol
Fine I'll give OpenGL a shot too, I mean in the meanwhile Blizz fix this error.
Well it seems to work with OpenGl but the FPS drop below the standard.

Anyway this is only temporary, Is there a real solution coming up?
Any news on how this is going?

My time outs vary. I have played for 4 hours without a crash, then suddenly I crash like 4 times in one dungeon. I have walked away from my computer a few times doing varying things and come back to the same error. Any news would be great.
Try opengl it may help to lessen the error frequency today I only got one error in the evening but that was after 3 hours of playing. After that I played continuously till midnight without issues. By far has been my longest playtime since this began.
well since doing the openl thing i haven't crashed or gone non responsive 4hrs after my last comment and a few hrs today BTW i'm rhoninz
Alright, so if you go back a fix to this was actually posted. It worked for me. What the blue post said is to go into gaming settings and change it so you're using DirectX 9 instead of DirectX 11. Until they come up with a better fix. That fixes the game and makes it playable.
so im here experiencing the same problem and did the conversion from directx 11 to directx9. now the issue is the constant LAG im having right now. been having this problem for a week now. cant raid like this >.<
Alright, so if you go back a fix to this was actually posted. It worked for me. What the blue post said is to go into gaming settings and change it so you're using DirectX 9 instead of DirectX 11. Until they come up with a better fix. That fixes the game and makes it playable.

Well I can say I didn't see the OPENGL option, but it isn't meant to solve the problem totally is just a temporary measure since is not the way to run the game to begin with.

Aside I already play with DX9 since DX11 does not have option to resize the wndow (At least for me)

I don't know for how long we have to wait until this is fixed.
scratch that, after a hour and a half...even with the conversion i just experienced the crash.

opengl isn't a blue post Open

look for SET gxApi "D3D9" or "D3D11"

edit it to SET gxApi "opengl"

close, save.

launch game and i haven't had a problem since
okay so i've rolled back my drivers, set it to opengl, still crashing at least every 15 min. Whats the issue here Blizz? u do a mini patch, my computer screws up, u blame AMD/ATi. I actually called AMD today, consumer tech support has never heard of this issue so who's lying to who here? are u even working on this or are u just gonna shaft a whole bunch of customer's? I usually find Blizz tech support to move quickly to resolve issues but this seems to be moving slower than molasses downhill in winter. You say (Blizz) its a hardware/driver issue, AMD says its a code issue, whats going on here? If i could just get a straight answer as to if this issue is gonna be resolved or should i just cancel my subscription and boycott blizzard/activision??
Ok... So AMD does not know about this? I'm confused by all this. If is a code that literally breaks the game then what are they gonnna do (I mean blizz). I dont say rage quit my sub but I do expect that this issues are solved quickly

But lots of players are mad out there frustrated.

By far in my near decade playing this is the most annoying issue I ever experienced and the longest active with no apparent solution.
AMD Consumer tech support doesn't kno about this, but that's the customer tech support side, the tech support that Blizz is dealing with is probably higher up then the one of 3 guys at the call center i spoke to. If it is code that's doing it, they just have to revert back to the old code from before last patch, kinda like wat their making us do with drivers and whatnot because its totally an issue on the customer's end...if it was an issue on my end all my EA games would crash but they still work fine...
and another black screen, crash then blue screen on restart, this is getting really annoying blizz

But according to you (I agree) if is a coding issue then it must come from blizzard itself since reverting to AMD old drivers doesn't help at all.

Well then do we have to wait until blizz officially says something?
so far, ive only had 1 error since the opengl "fix"...

and you realize blizz will never say it was their code thats broken...its always the customers...
Well with the OpenGL I had three crashes: one yesteday and two today at an interval of two hours each... well compared with the 7-8 I got the last week seems more bearable but still I have in mind that I can crash at any moment which makes raiding and question a bit tedious even I'm becoming a bit paranoid.

This must be fixed soon otherwise I can see lots of ragequits coming around the corner.
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Thanks for all of your dxdiags so far. I'll be sure to keep you advised of any updates as I get them.
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Ya I hope is fixed soon by the way Ayazaki and I are the same person just different chars XD

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