Need help gearing prot!! Please

Hey guys my gear sucks as u can see so its hard for healers in instances ... Can u please tell me my stat priority from first to last in order
P.s. I only do instances because I'm on recruit a friend .... What's the fastest way?
Ty in advance!!!!
Btw I'm on level 53 as u can see so please tell me stats priority as of that level and on
At your level, you should be rolling need on any plate armor that has strength on them. You will want to soon replace all your mail armor with that. You should also replace the agility neck and intellect ring you are wearing with strength pieces. If you can avoid crit you should, but don't sweat over it. To be polite, you should only roll on crit gear if there are no plate DPS in the party.

As far as all the other stats go, it's no big deal. The gear will be replaced soon anyway (especially with RAF) so there is no reason to carefully optimize.
RET 1-85
Prot - 85-90

That's how I did it.

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