Star Wars: the Force's abilities Light & Dark

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Abilties of the Dark Side:

1. Sithspawn creation AKA Sith Alchemy(Master: Darth Plagueis)

2. Transfer Essence AKA Dark Side Possession(Master:Sith Emperor)

3. Blue, Purple and Red Force Lightning(Master:The Son)

4. Force Drain(Master:Darth Nihilus)

5. Dark side tendrils(Master:Darth Zannah)

6. Force Illusion(Master:Darth Wyyrlock)

7.Force Choke(Master:Darth Vader)

Abilties of the Light Side:

1. Force Push(Master:Yoda)

2. Force Light AKA Sever Force(Master:Odan-Urr)

3. Plant Surge(Master:An'ya Kuro)

4. Animal friendship(Master: Shaak Ti)

5. Alter Environment(Master:Streen)

6. Force Absorption(Master:Satele Shan)

7. Force Create(Master:Mother Talzin)

8. Water of Life(Master:Mother Talzin)

9. Voodoo(Master:Mother Talzin)

10. Chant of Resurrection(Master:Old Daka)

11. Green Force Lightning(Master:Mother Talzin)

12. Teleport(Master:Mother Talzin)

13. Protection Bubble(Master:Mother Talzin)

14. Force Modify(Master:Mother Talzin)

In case any of you don't know the Green force energies used by the Nightsisters is called Spirit Ichor and comes from the Winged Goddess AKA The Daughter AKA the Embodiment of The Light Side so despite being dark magic they are not of the Dark Side.
Apparently the Force Protection Bubble and Light Side Force Lightning abilities are one and the same since both are used at the exact same time.

So while the Green Light Side Force Lightning does attack it also defends at the same time(unlike the Red Dark Side Force Lightning and the Blue Sith Force Lightning which are all attack and no defense and practically useless against Light Side Force Lightning).

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