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Safari can’t open the file “World-of-Warcraft-Setup-enUS” because no available application can open it.
Is this from trying to open the zip file you downloaded ?

Or from the program in the Applications folder ?
Can you take a screenshot of the error and the file itself? I've seen a few reports of this and would like to gather more data.
Odd...why exactly do you have Safari set to open downloaded files at all? That's asking for serious trouble security-wise.

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i had a similar experience, basically your computer has an old os and you need to get a new one or update. mine was so old that i have to now buy the dvd for the new one to try to catch up. i think im just going to buy a new comp, probably a pc, and if you can, you should too.
The file you downloaded has its type and creator code improperly set to a file dependent on Safari to open it.

Sometimes you can rename the file to have a .app extension, then tell the Finder to "Use .app" and it will become an application that you might be able to launch.

But, perhaps as Abuuk stated, you may need to upgrade your OS.

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