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Clinically Insane is currently recruiting DPS (one with tank offspec) for their core 10 man ToT progression group. Raid times are wed/thurs @ 6:30-9:30pm and sunday at 6:30-9:30. We want EXCEPTIONAL players, who are focused and goal oriented. You must be able to commit to our raid times and be able to show up at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time. One must also have a stable internet connection, be able to use mumble or ventrilo, and be able to have fun while still keeping a serious attitude. Our main goal is heroic progression, and it must be yours as well.

If you think you can comply with our needs and want to join the family, then send an in-game tell to Papaghede or Alurstrasza. Also, you can add the battle tag, Alurstrasza#1756.

Looking forward to seeing you!
~ bluegoatreddragon d(~.^)z
If you don't see one of us on, feel free to send us an in-game mail and we will reply to you.
We are currently preferring a Mage and a Hunter over all others but there are still two slots open for ranged DPS in the main raid.

We are looking for everything for a bench / second raid.
Still looking. Currently standing at One Melee and One Ranged (Preferring Rogue/Paladin and Hunter respectively)
Update! We are looking for Ranged DPS slots that can match our raid times, to the tune of TWO. No class limitations, however if you are a Warlock you will have to do better than our current.

This applies for all slots as well, you have to beat them to get a permanent slot, however we would like a second group to get up and start going.
Bump! Currently in dire need of a healer, tank and dps. Class limitations: No druids or Monks.

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