<GetinTheVanIgotCandy> early morning raids

Recruiting for 10 man TOT progression
We're a newly formed early morning raiding guild. We started the guild out of a sheer lack of others raiding at these times. So far heres what we need

Tank-non dk
DPS-any (already have a shaman, lock, hunter and mage) send me a tell if your interested though

Raid times are as follows weds/thur/fri
9am-12pm server time

contact me ingame
sheetrokz#1669 or
still need a tank and a couple heals
still lookin
502 disc or holy priest, I like these times. it would be 6am-9am raiding for me, but I cant stay past 11:30 because work and school. Well, Let me know.
still need 1 healer and a tank and a few dps. especially melle dps
still need an OT and a few dps
in dire need a melle dps and a monk healer and 1 more tank
still need an OT and 1 heals with dps os pref. and melle dps
still need core spots filled
still need some core healer spots filled
I may just be interested in joining your guild for the purposes of progression. My question is regarding tuesday, im sure that you have policies in place to address the particular concern. However i did not see it stated here.

What do you guys do when the servers are down on tuesdays...... which is most weeks?
ya sry bout that raid days are weds/thr/fri
add me on real id still need some heals and caster dps
what are you still looking for?
heals mainly or caster dps
still need heals
need a tank and 2 heals add me ingame sheetrokz#1669

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