*Vehement* 10 Man 1/12 Hardmode TOT LF Tank

Raid times: Tues,Wed,Thur 8:00-11:00 server (9-12 EST)

Current Best Progress: 1/12 HardMode TOT

Current recruitment
• Tank (Anything but warrior)

Our requirements:

• Know your class & be willing to adjust for each fight. What glyphs to use, specs, if reforging is necessary, cooldown usage, etc. Do your own research on your own class.

• Be competitive as a GUILD & individually. You should always want to improve. Compete for DPS/HPS, look at WOL logs, find out how you can improve personally and to help the guild. If you are way behind others of your class/ilvl and aren’t making improvements you will be replaced immediately.

• Be a mature/take responsibility as a team player. This means showing up on time for every raid. Have a positive attitude!! We are a HM guild, we will bang our heads on the wall, I don’t need huffs and puffs like someone stole your Twinkie. Come with suggestions & ideas.

• Accept criticism. This goes along with being a mature player, but if a healer offers a DPS a suggestion- listen to him and discuss/have a mature conversation. Many of us play multiple toons and have been raiding a long time!

•Working Microphone (We use MUMBLE). I thought this was a given but I've had a lot of people without mics want to join. I don't like trying to figure out what the hell you are typing. Have a mic and be willing to use it. If you can't speak english this might not be the guild for you.

• Be willing to have fun but not at the expense of holding back progression. Most of us don't have fun unless we are moving forward and won't tolerate a bad egg. If your head is up your a$$ and your making the same mistakes repeatedly you will be replaced.

If you’re interested feel free to respond to this or msg me/one of our officers in game or fill out an app on our website.

Tanks where are you?? lets go! awesome group !
NVUS is a newborn pro turtle kicker... you don't want to miss out.
Get in for the new heroics!! lets go tank!!

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