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I download this add on called ELVui and it won't install properly I've been trying to put /ELVui but it says the /help thing. I don't know why this isn't working properly because I moved it into the add ons folder and everything. This isn't the first add-on I've had trouble with.
I show the following folder structure when unzipping the addon from the ElvUI project site:


If you are putting the elvui-5.89 folder into the Addons folder, you have not correctly installed it.

You need to instead take the ElvUI and ElvUI_Config folders and put those into your Addons folder.

Here's how your setup should look:


Once done, you can click the Addons button on the character select screen to verify that these are indeed loaded. Assuming these addons have no other dependencies, this is all you should need to do in order to get them loaded in the game world.

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