Challenge Dungeons?

I've been interested in running challenge dungeons since MoP came out and the gear looks really cool. Are there any challenge dungeon groups looking for more? Would anyone like to start a challenge dungeon group? I have 90's on Horde and Alliance, a mage and a priest respectively, as well as a monk at 87 and a lock at 85 who I'd be willing to grind up to 90. Let me know and maybe we can get something together!
Me. OMG me. Pick me. <points> Me.

Also ignore the questing gear. I'm holy.
You should be a Tauren with that name.

All I can think of is "Buster's BBQ"

Edit: T's a great healer btw.
Blood in crap tank gear and slightly less crappy dps gear. What are your horde toons?
I'd be interested on this character.
I would be interested Horde-side, as heals!
I'd be interested on Kiraleen.
I totally forgot that I even made this post. Send an in-game mail to either this toon or Landry on Horde and I'll gauge intrest. We'll probably have to pull people from our guilds and the like.

Named myself after Buster Bluth by the way

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