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We are a recently transferred guild looking to continue to grow on Mal'ganis. Our transfer is a huge change for us, as we have been on the same server with the same set of friends for 6 years. We chose to make the change due to low server population on Velen. We are a group of very experienced and seasoned raiders with a family oriented background.

We were founded in September of 2007 and have strived to be one of the top 10 guilds on Velen all the way through the start of Cataclysm. While to many that may not seem like much, to us it was a fine set of personal achievements. As a guild we strive to build good relationships while enjoying a casual state of progression.

Recently we have separated into 1 Strong Progression Group and 1 Casual Progression Group. Group times and days are as follows.

Raging Storm Raid Times: 6:30 - 10 PM Realm Time
Current Raid Days: Tues-Thurs

Tropical Storm Raid Times: 8 - 10 PM Realm Time
Current Raid Days: Tues/Thurs

Current Total Guild Progression: 12/12 N ToT, 3/13 H ToT, 14/14 SoO N

We encourage all players to apply at our website http://procellaoculus.guildlaunch.com/

Note: Our Hard Progression and Casual progression groups recruit internally so as not to hinder our collective core. Keep this in mind if you submit an application.

For Casual Progression Group Questions and Concerns, contact Ariedon (Raid Lead), Lifewave (Raid Lead) or Tzulao (GM). Application Responses will be conducted by these players also.

For Hard Progression Group Questions and Concerns, contact Nubers (Raid Lead) or Froggyfresh (Raid Lead). Application Responses will be conducted by these players also.

For Any General Questions or Concerns in regards to the guild itself, Contact Välenus (Guild Officer)

Hope to see you in game :)
Have you decided on what days you might be raiding?
And times? and uh... 10man or 25?
Ah Hah, knew I forgot something

Our Scheduled Raid times are Tues/Thurs from 8-10:30 (Mal'ganis Realm Time) to coincide with what times we ran on Velen

We're a 10 man raiding guild that would like to move to 25 man once our core gets large enough in order to incorporate more players

I'll update my initial post :D
Added you and Tzulao in game to discuss joining.
Looking for more DPS and Healers to start our 2nd 10 man group
Still Seeking DPS and Heals

Also Seeking 1 Tank for Group 2
Valenus, I lead a 10 man that might be a good candidate to join up. We are currently 5/12 and were 2/12 Heroic last tier.
How Do Mean Saadarth? Are you interested in joining us with your full group of friends/players? or as a partnership type of scenario?

We've done both over 6 years and both have worked pretty well for us. Let me know
I'd have to check with the group/guild about joining up, but we were successful in Warth and Cata as partnership with some high level guilds on the server.
Makes sense. Keep me posted and we'll get to talking.

Recruiting for general social play, all classes and levels. Trying to fill up and get some more socialites in guild
blacklisted bads LOL
Bumping this Post. Looking for a few healers that have yet to see content.
I would like to talk with you tonight about joining, I will be transferring over from my current server to yours, please let me know when a good time to chat with someone will be, I will be moving over a resto sham(Slightly undergeared) and a few alts including this one.
Best Time To Get In Touch With Me is probably after 8 PM Server, as work has been known to get in the way. You can also contact Tzulao (My GM ) in game whenever he is online also. Sadly i'm just about to head to sleep here so I will be sure to look for you tomorrow (up at 6 AM, ouch)
Bumping This Thread. Now Seeking Specifically

1 Tank (Bear or BDK Preferred)
1-2 Heals ( H Pal/R.Sham Preferred)
Assorted Ranged DPS

Just need to plug a few of those holes. Hoping to hear back soon

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