crusader strike glitch

Is anyone else having problems with crusader strike not granting a charge of holy power?
No, but I'm expertise capped.
No, but I'm expertise capped.

You're not hit or expertise capped. If Crusader Strike (or Judgment) fails to hit the target, it won't grant any Holy Power.

If this is occurring even if CS is hitting the target, then we need more information.
In fact, I think the only ability that will grant holy power even if it misses is a prot paladin's Grand Crusader fueled Avenger's Shield (it gives the holy power on the cast, not the hit).

But indeed, if it's happening even when landing (which is certainly in the realm of possibilities), then that would be a bug, but we'd need logs and a way of reproducing the behavior.
Pretty sure Exo gives HP on a miss, too.
thanks. makes sense now.
Pretty sure Exo gives HP on a miss, too.

Just tried it on a dummy naked, didn't give me holy power on miss.

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