Engineering & Salvaging.

Are there ANY outside of raids/instances sources for salvaging mechanical parts to farm for engineering?

It's driving me INSANE googling anything possible that comes to mind trying to find anything that strikes up in search under engineering & salvaging, all I keep running in to are level engineering guides & I don't need those. What I need to know is, ARE there ANY world mechanical mobs I can farm from?

It's driving me bonkers!
Basically, no. There are a few harvesters in Westfall, and there's the mobs in the Storm Peaks that can drop Jeeves, but aside from that, there's really nothing in the overworld to salvage.
Well, that just blows. :\
In northrend, in Borean tundra, The Geyser fields are covered with mechanical mobs.

I think some (or all) are salvageable. But it's been years so I'm not sure I remember right.

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