The Windwalker and RBGS

It comes to me with some measure of upset that in today's Warcraft, many classes that should have representation- do not.

As a Windwalker I frequently do Battle-grounds, Arenas, and Rated Battle-grounds. Or at least I used to. For many classes such as Windwalker Monks, Retribution Paladins, Enhancment Shamans Etc, It isn't that these classes don't play well.. they can perform very well in Arenas when given the opportunity. Alas no matter how well the class is played or how fun it has been designed, there is always a better option.

For example; If I, as a Windwalker Monk wanted to participate in a Rated-Battleground my would be RBG team has to decide what they wish to do without for my space. this means either a casting class or if the group is unconventional a Rogue. Now this isn't to say that windwalkers don't have value, they most assuredly do. but the majority of RBG teams High and Low view the Rogues method or any casters method of greater value then a Monk.

Unfortunately, Without a "Spammable" Crowd control, such as Fear polymorph cyclone. your ability to join the ranks of RBG Hero are woefully low. Now a Windwalker monk has plenty of crowd control, that is chainable but not spammable. Ring of peace is a fantastic Peel for allies as well as Tiger's Lust and Grapple weapon. They even have great mobility to do last minute flag grabbing or base stealing. The problem is though, that other classes can do it leagues better.

The current "Premiere" RBG tactic is get a death knight with Mass death grip to call targets. And stock up on Boomkin and casters. Clash with the enemy "Aoe Deathgrip" then "Aoe Vortex" then "Aoe Silence" do this twice and a team dies. and the caster heavy team walks pleaseantly to their base. That being said Classes such as Damage monks and Paladins have no purpose, what incentive is there to bring any other classes? I was watching a stream of my Death knight friend doing RBG's and 4 times in a row they fought seperate teams which consisted of roughly the same roster. 1 death knight, 1 protection warrior 2 balance druids Shadow priest and Frost mage.

I don't feel that these classes are "Too strong" or that the Windwalker and other hybrids are "Too weak" but rather. the community has grown attatched to one finite method and approach to the game.

I feel alot of this can be solved if we cut down the amount of CC, and Damage that is being thrown around. if we once again had to pay attention to our cooldowns and think carefully about our next move.. this sort of "Zerg" Battleground tactic would cease to exist.

P.S I know I made mention alot of windwalkers having a hard time getting into PVP groups I do understand it is dramatically worse for some classes, my heart goes out to you retribution.
Thus my point, Rbg's are reduced to a gimicky death-trap.
At least dps monks earn a spot in rbgs by carrying and then dpsing non FC maps since FCing as a monk is viable. Id honestly rather have a spriest or lock FC over a prot pally lol
Monks are one of the best RBG healers, this is just life.. Most classes that have a healing spec are often only used if they are speced healing.. An example are Shammys, pallys. Druids get to go as boomy because of solar beam, and Shadow preists get to go as shadow rather than Disc becaus they are OP like most other casters in RBG.

honestly the healer spots are relatively balanced in rbgs all considered. Holy pallies are a necessity because of smoke bomb and solar beam. They can bubble and heal through it. the other 2 healer spots are fought over by the other 4 remaining healing classes each brings something unique but even at high level it can work. Mistweavers are desirable since they have so many escapes its hard to focus them. They are a very durable healer. ele shamans can work in rbgs as well since symbiosis allows a solar beam. Ive seen eles run high level rbgs on some comps lots of burst and the survivability has been increased quite significantly since 5.1.

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