Anyone recruiting?

I'm mostly looking for a raiding / pvp guild, the current guild that I tank for is on ToT 10M Normal (only on the first boss so nothing to brag about). I'm very easy going and love tanking in PvE and supporting my amigos as much as I can while still trying to "wreck" people in, all in all I'm just looking for a good time. my main focus would be raiding since this my main.

We are No Quarter. A 25man raiding guild currently recruiting. Our site, and app, is at We have some spots open and encourage you to contact us and get to know us. We'd love to get to know you, too! We also have a strong PVP community who regularly does RBG, arenas, and even owPVP. We are adults, so during raids the atmosphere is deffinitely adult oriented(meaning, kids wear ear muffles).

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