<Ominous> Alt Runs | Sat 13th April

Hi All,

I have kicked off an old habit of mine :P...... The Alt runs ! We are calling on people that have an interest in raiding ToT Content with some of the Ominous Alts.

The Ominous Alt run will start at 8pm (Server time) and invites will start 15 mins prior. (7:45pm)

Our main aim is to encourage raiders that would like to experience normal mode content but are unable to commit to 4 nights a week. There are usually 5 - 6 Ominous players in our alt runs that have cleared 12/12 Normal content. So you will be raiding with experienced players.

You will require:
    Vent (Required)
    DBM Mod (Required)
    An iLvL of at least 495 (Required)
    Knowledge of your class (Required)
    Your own flasks (Optional)
    Your own Food (Optional)

Loot rules are a roll with MS over OS and it will be controlled by a Master Looter. The alt raids will go for about 3 - 4 hours.

We have spots open in the alt runs for Tanks, Healers and DPS. You are able to secure a spot in the raid if you send me an in game mail or whisper me when I am online. I will only save you your spot for 15 mins (Between 7:45 and 8pm)

If you have any questions about the alt run please let me know here on this forum or whisper me in game

Choppà (Alt + 133)
Still looking for some more people to join the alt raid this Saturday.

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