Proxy's Rogue videos and Guides!

Hey Guys, It's Proxy!

I make Rogue Pvp guides and game-play videos on youtube. and felt like sharing it with the World of Warcraft community!
Let me take the time to tell you about myself, I've mained a rogue for 3.5 years but have dabbled in other classes. I was inspired to put out videos on a regular basis after a fellow rogue was having some trouble with some of the basics. Realizing that maybe, I could help others too. I've made it to 2k rating in 2's and 3's Arena but halted due to RL issues. and 1900+ RBG rating.
But, I'm not here to make excuses, and will be gunning for 2.2k rating this season.
Now, you may say "well why should I watch your videos instead of a multi-glad rogue?" Well, truthfully, Not sure if I have an answer for you. But, I can tell you that I play for fun and to help others. So, with that said, If you want stale and boring self absorbed rogue then this isn't for you. If you like awesome game-play, great guides and entertainment from someone who actually wants to help other rogues, then maybe my videos are for you! Maybe YOU can even teach me some things too! So, what can it hurt? drop by the channel or drop by my home server on Bleeding Hollow and say Hi.
Looking forward to see you guys around at


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