Fish Tank Transmog Contest! (Actual prizes)

Fish Tank, a level 25 guild, is looking to expand on our social environment. We are fairly new to the server and are really excited to see what the future holds for us!

On May 18th (Saturday) we will be holding a transmog contest at 6PM realm time (6EST). The stipulations:

  • Participating members must be guildies
  • Must be at least level 80 to enter
  • Must have been a guild member for at least two weeks
  • Must be a social member rank (so raiders can't participate!)
  • There will be 2 prizes handed out, a pet from the petstore, and a mount respectively.
  • The goal here is to expand on our social base and see if we can make new friends. :)

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask. :) We would like to do this again, but because of the costs involved it probably will be only every 6 months or so. Enjoy!`
    We will be bringing in Judges from off server (ones who have done this sort of thing before :P) So bring what you think looks hawt!

    We will have a couple of categories to judge from as well.

    Please feel free to post any questions you may have here :)
    Need more people for the contest. I know some Turalyon peeps got some TMogs to show off. Don't pass up an opportunity at free pet/mount.
    So, do any Turaylonites (or whatever) have any thoughts on this? Just unwilling to leave your guilds? Or not interested in the contest in general?

    Feel free to be negative, if you wish. All thoughts are welcome.
    Charlie Murphy kicked yo couch! Eh I'm in a guild, I suffered from burnout before and I do not want it to happen again (I'm in rehab for sore fingers). I'm just a washed up warrior that still uses titans grip when single minded fury is better (reliving the wowlk days!). But eh hell, I'm sure Rei might come along (the guy that talks in trade more than I do)!

    Oh yeah, oh Duckets where are youuuu (throws oyster crackers around).

    Evyns might come along too, that Only Class guild usually likes freebies. I think they are the official obama socialist guild.

    I did an event back in cata where I made 1 million wow gold just to give it all away. I made a 40 main raid group in winterspring and told everybody to do a /roll and highest roller won 200k gold. Donated 200k gold in the guild bank. The other 600k was answering questions, trying to find me, catch me if you can (yeah I teleported like a mage with tabards, rings, potions of deepholm) and once I got out of my stupor I realized I gave away the million gold I have accumulated. I am too nice of a guy to just lunk around gold in my inventory like that. I guess I'll never be a 1% er in azeroth. But I will be a robin hood soon again where I undercut the rich and give to the whoever wins my reindeer games. Like my dino antlers!
    What did I just read

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