Respawn timer on Swarming Cleaver of Ka'roz

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Hey guys!

I was just wondering if anyone knows the respawn timer on the BoA Pandaria weapons.

Ive been camping this Swarming Cleaver of Ka'roz for the past 6 hours + at least 6 hours yesterday too.

Maybe you guys actually saw me standing there for the past few days with my Monk on Area-52.
Someone seems to have camped it from spawn to spawn. Took him 16 hours.

Here's the link:

Second Comment.
Not sure about repawn times, but i was easily able to get 3 of those (on 3 different 90s for 3 different alts that i am leveling) simply by checking out the spawn location during off peak hours. 2 of them i got within a 8 or 9 hour timespan, so i don't think the 16 hours respawn time is set in stone.

I just tried to loot the Sword as it spawned 10 minutes ago.

I clicked on it, the loot panel popped-up and I accidentally didnt click on the sword and clicked beside it, closing the loot panel. The sword despawned and I never got it.

I thought that those kinds of loots had to be looted before dissapearing, no?
You should try and check if you were credited with looting the object though because if so you wont see the sword on that character again.
You cannot loot the sword a second time with the same character?

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