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Oceanic Guild Recruitment
My Body is Ready is a laid back, friendly 10 man guild comprised of mature, dedicated players on Frostmourne Alliance. All current members have significant raid experience and accomplishments in past tiers, in the current tier we are 3/13HM and looking forward to further our heroic progression.

We raid 3 nights a week
Wednesday 6-9 ST
Saturday 6 - Whenever (We just go as long as everyone is happy to)
Sunday 6-9 ST

We are currently recruiting:

1 Ranged Dps (Pref Hunter)
All casual players to join alt raids/fill spots when required.

Feel free to message either Pippz or I in game or add our battletags.
Beezle#1355 (me) or Vivacious#1638 (Pippz)
Hi there,

I am currently looking to transfer my Guardian Druid over to a oceanic server to raid. Although with a fairly low ilvl of 501, I am diligently working on gear and trying to be geared to the best of my ability. I haven't been able to raid much due to time differences on a US server, hence the decision to move.

If I happen to be what you are looking for, hit me up in game, btag: Saly#1168.
Hope to here from you.
Hi Salynah,
Sorry but we have sorted out our tank position for now.
Thanks for your interest :)
Just 1 healer now! Pally or Shaman!
El Bumpo
Hey there, was just wondering if you would be interested in a rogue ?

kind regards!
Hi Gashxo.
Sorry we do not currently have a spot for any melee dps.
Thanks for your interest though and good luck finding a guild. :)
Bump Dat
Are you guys still currently looking for a Holy Paladin?

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