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I have alliance and horde characters that I plan on transferring to this server. How is the horde and alliance community? I noticed there are a little more alliance players than horde.
That doesn't even answer any of my questions.
Both sides have their fair share of jerks. Korgath is not a friendly community but progression is okay I guess.
^There are still some nice people though. I've made a lot of friends on Alliance, but I keep my Horde on Stormreaver lol
Alliance has a few pug raids for ToT in trade and almost always rbg's groups forming if you're into that
My suggestion, do not come to this server. It's one of the worse off as far as a community. There are more alliance than horde, and both sides have quite a few nasty people. Choose a different server.
Well the horde has Pchef on this server so Horde>alliance....not even trolling.
Stay Away lollll. Alliance doesn't outnumber Horde by much, but Horde typically has the more social community. Alliance side is more about RBG's, and don't even bother with less than a 1500 rating. If you are looking to transfer for PVP experience, Emerald Dream would be your best bet especially Horde side, World PVP is great there. Good luck
dunno what realms you've been on if you think Korgath has a nasty community compared to others.
Alliance is {JUST IN GENERAL} Filled with a lot of like 12yr old kids who call you bad and crap like that. cuss you out, trying to be cool. Stay away from Alliance imo, Horde has some jerks, yes, but I LOVE horde. You should join us on horde, I think you'll like it. Just my opinion, but i personally hate ally.

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