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I'd like to know why my fps is lower than another PC setup, and what I need to add or change to increase fps.

Mypc: i7 2600k sandy bridge @ 3.4ghz
Ram- 16gb DDR3 @1600mhz
Gpu-2x evga gtx 660
Fps: 60-110

Otherpc: i7 3770k @3.9ghz
Ram- 8gb DDR3 @1600mhz
Gpu- 2x and radeon HD 6950

What exactly could make the huge difference? I was told my CPU is more than enough.
Are the in-game settings and driver settings the same? All things being equal, the two 660s should be faster than the 2 6950s even if the 2nd I7 is clocked higher.
To add on,
are you two running the exact same conditions? (same settings/locations/addons/resolution)

the ivy bridge should be a bit faster especially since his is slightly clocked higher but shouldn't justify the fps difference
Differing monitor resolutions would be more than enough to cause the difference in FPS.

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