A good pug group.

I realize I'm only 8/12 ToT atm, But pretty decent player I like to think. Anyways, Hoping to put together a good pug group for Friday Saturday 7-10 raiding. I'm fine with doing 6, 7 ,8 of 12 for now and maybe even progressing as a group and gearing up some alts. Can guarantee drama free smooth runs. Will be very picky about who I choose. So hit me up here on in game or through in game mail and lets get some Alt/weekend raiding going. Thanks!
Hey there, 497 fury warrior looking to get into ToT, good raid awareness and fast learner. I'd be down to do some runs
I might be interested in doing this. I can do some BrM if a tank is needed, else I'd prefer WW. My experience on this character isn't great, but I am 1/13H on my main.

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