[A RP] <Knights of the Ridge> By Honour

Moon Guard
The petitioners chamber inside the Manse had cleared by late evening and the table was being set in the great hall in the next room. Darith sat opening letters received in the morning and slowly filtered through them. One of the letters caught his eye as he sliced it open with the silvered letter opener.
He read it over briefly. His eyes scanned the lines.

“Squire!” He called out from the other room as a young boy came jogging. He stopped and came to a bow before diverting all his attention to his lord. “Sound the Horn, assemble the Knights. I want riders out to every city to spread the word…” The Squire nodded walking out at a brisk pace.

Outside the horns blew, echoing across the mountains of Redridge. The Knights of the Ridge will ride once again.
What are we?

<Knights of the Ridge> is a Chivalric Military guild based out of the lands of Redridge and a division of the Brotherhood of the Horse. Once a reclusive order of Elite Knights, loyal to House Isenhammer; The Knights of the Ridge have opened their doors to other who wish to follow in their steppes. KoR operates around the values of the Medieval Knight’s code, honoring oaths above all along with the respect of the virtues taught to all Knights. Those who are a part of the Silver Hand branch will be brought to learn the Three Virtues as well.

Due to a preference of Silver Hand, and Paladins, we have a Silver Hand branch led by Grand Dame Tamora Rolhelm.

The Guild is focused around RP-PvP. We also do standard RP, be it stand around RP or even DnD RP events, utilizing emotes and rolls.

Some events also include trainings that focus on the teaching and mastering of various weapons. Lectures and Seminars are held weekly to teach the Code and Values needed to be upheld by our Squires once they are Knighted.

Before the time of Knighting, two of the Squires to be Knighted are pitted against one another in a duel to test their knowledge. Spars, duels and jousts are held regularly to ensure the upkeep of skill taught.

KotR dabbles as well in a little political Roleplay in hopes to stimulate the Roleplay experience out of the Redridge Area.

Rank structure:

We follow a simple and humble structure in terms of command following a Semi-Joint leadership.

Grand Master: Guild Leader and the individual with the ultimate command over the Knights

Grand Dame: Co-Leader. Retains equal power over the Order.

Guardian: The highest rank a Knight can aspire to after passing through the Knight
Champion rank. The Guardians of the Ridge are the Lord-Protector’s council and co-leaders, as well as functioning as Knight Champions. They have a say in everything that happens in the guild.

Knight Champion: A Knight who has shown his worth within the Order, and become an Exemplar of Chivalry and Knighthood. He sets the example for Knights to come and can take on Squires to train themselves. With the ability to take on squires, they are allocated land and title of Life Barons/Baronesses.

Knight: By passing the trainings and attending the seminars and lectures, the squire ascends to the rank of Knight. The Knights make up the majority of the forces within the Knights of the Ridge

Squire: The initiates of the Order. They attend the lectures, trainings and seminars, as well as accompany their Knight Master into combat to learn by example.

Militia Head: The Head of the Militia, ranks vary between Lieutenant and Captain.

Militia: The foot soldiers loyal to House Isenhammer who serve as a reservist force for those who wish to serve the order without taking vows of Knighthood. Militia follows its own ranks of Private, Corporal, and Sergeant.

Civilian/OOC: Non-Fighting individuals of the Order who contribute in whatever way they can

In KotR we value quality over quantity in terms of roleplayers and look for mature individuals. We do not tolerate any Drama whatsoever. We expect our members to:

-Have a decent grasp of Roleplay, we do not ask for only experts (Not that they are not wanted :P), but we are looking for those who have a good grasp on grammar and spelling. Expertise can come from practice.
-Have a decent grasp on Lore concerning Humans, the wars they have had and the background of the founding of Stormwind.
-Be level headed and mature.
-Be able to cooperate with others.
-Be willing to PvP or to level to begin PvP seeing as that is one of our main focuses.
-Have proper respect to your fallen foes in PvP.
-Be Human, Worgen, or Dwarf. Exceptions to Gnomes can be granted depending on the situation. UPDATE: We will now allow other races depending on their situation and Lore Background. (i.e Draenei, Elves,) Pandas are still not being accepted as Knights. They are welcomed as Auxiliaries though! Gotta love Pandaren cooking.
-While we do prefer Paladins, and Warriors, Priests are a welcomed addition as well as Hunters. Death Knights are allowed to join as of level 70 on the exception that they were a Knight of Stormwind before their…How should I say it…Death followed by resurrection?

How to join:
As of now, the process to join is by simply whispering one of our recruiters, where they will go through the process of interviewing you In Character. Interview takes into account your ability to emote. Grammar, spelling and details of emote/length. We’re not asking for three paragraphs, all we ask for is at least a half paragraph at the very least.

More information can be given by contacting: Daríth or Rolhelm.

Check out knightsoftheridge.enjin.com for applications and info
Current storylines under development and underway.

I. In Defense of the Kings Province. ((DnD event storyline))
Event 1. Encroaching Blackrocks (To be held)
Orcs have been seen wandering ever closer to the Lands under the Protectorate of Stonewatch

II. The Threat of the Horde War Machine. ((PvP & DnD event storyline))
Event 1. The Barrens Ride (To be held)
The Knights make their landing on the plains of the Barrens. PvP Raiding of outposts/settlements and setting up a base camp.
Bases and Settlements

Training Field
Manse of House Isehammer (Karazhan Interior) for regular Roleplay as well as meeting with the Knight Champions and Guardians of the Guild.
Regular hub of RP. We mainly use this a village for down time, idle RP.
While dealing with business in Stormwind, we can be found around the city.
Moew. I give my supportz.
Hm.. I may join up in this... Not very sure... I'm more of a dark Death Knight, but I cannot seem to find any guilds that fit me... So, I may join this.
Unfortunately I plan to stick with my race restrictions, simply due to the fact that it is Stormwind Oriented and Redridge as well, but if you are really dead set on helping, I can make arrangements. Feel free to contact me in game in the evenings to talk about these details if you're interested.

-Be Human, Worgen, or Dwarf. Exceptions to Gnomes can be granted depending on the situation.
-While we do prefer Paladins, and Warriors, Priests are a welcomed addition as well as Hunters. Death Knights are allowed to join as of level 70 on the exception that they were a Knight of Stormwind before their…How should I say it…Death followed by resurrection?
Hm.. I may join up in this... Not very sure... I'm more of a dark Death Knight, but I cannot seem to find any guilds that fit me... So, I may join this.

You could try Knights of Menethil, Luthionn.
Och'n, more Knigh's t' waddle abou'n tend t' lasses an' ladies skir's'n suuch. Me eye'd be desciev'n if'n they foun' th'mselves with'in actual purpose'n lordin' about thar pers'nal domains.


I'll exten' meself this'muuch... If'n ye' ev'r 'ave need'n of sum aerial'comba' trainin' by th' laance, spear, er'ammer, Balkour Stormbellow's yer dwarf. Migh' jes geven ye somethin' purposeful t' do.

Wildhammer Decryption Code!: Och, more Knights to waddle about and tend to lasses and ladies' skirts and such. My eyes would be deceived if they found themselves with an actual purpose then lording about there personal domains.

But! I'll extend myself this much... If you ever have need of some aerial combat training -by lance, spear, or hammer - Balkour Stormbellow's your dwarf. Might just give you something purposeful to do.
Sounds exciting!
Once we get a proper foothold on the ground, on horse, we will then move to conquer the skies in mounted combat.

Rain death and destruction above them. For the Alliance!

Though I imagine one cannot be in a full plate suit while flying a Gryphon. There's a safety hazard in there somewhere.
Och, fergo th'blasted armer. Once'y 'ave speed! ... Oh, ther's nothin' accoun'ble t'it in th'world! M'persnal prefrence is descendin' intae bat'le on th' back o' Wild'eart, m'gryphon. Buuut'n I've seen m'fair share'o Hipp'gryph riders. There's def'nitely a bit mur stabil'ty with'n one o' them fer a full plated warrior o' the skies.

Th' technic's et cetra employed'r quite intrestin', given th'way they fine themselves workin'.

Take fer instan'a Wile'ammer like meself. Fittin' on a bir' like tha's qui'e a challenge, let'lone figh'in on one. Buh a Kald'ri er a human's mer like t'work it. Keepin' a spear an' shiel' on 'and is always a bonus! Mor'range an' figh'in circ'mfrence. Buh, tha's all jes' speculation on th' second part. M'never ridden a hipp'gryph. M'thinks I ne'er will eith'r.

But! Tha's jus 'ow I thin'. Gimme a 'ollerin' when ye need meh!
Will do Master Dwarf.

On another note, we have, or will shortly make an alliance with another guild that is being kept secretive until the big reveal...So that should be interesting too...And due to close proximity to the Dwarven Khaz Modan, we will also looking to ally with Dwarven guilds as well. The Dwarven Vanguard and Modan Co. has caught my attention the most.

Shout out to all you drunken beard sprites *Chuckle*. Don't know what we'd do without you.

So that being said, I'm on often...Too often, if your interested in following the path of Knighthood, hit me up, we do it a bit different over here. We are hosting the first teaching tonight at 8pm server though I'm going out with some friends so worst case, it will be pushed by a half hour or so. It'll be held behind the Cathedral. A small dueling will follow it. Anyone who wants to challenge myself or one of my Squires, feel free to do so, It'll be a good bit of fun (Emote, not PvP Dueling).

So stop on by, see what we are all about. See ya all there.
I got a few whispers about the event, and I made a small mistake. I meant tomorrow, not tonight because I was out all evening. Apologies for that small mix up.

Bump for Dominos pizza
How are we all fairing this fine afternoon? I just had a terrible RF group especielly on Ji'Kun.
I'm dissapointed this is falling in the forums again...So bump.

While here though, just going to mention small event behind the Cathedral tonight 8 server.


Game of Thrones Episode 3...TONIGHT
Don't tell me about it, I'm not subscribed to HBO Canada so i gotta wait till it's online which is a few minutes after it finishes....SO! Something I am looking forward to.
Could not be on this evening unfortunately. A bad case of the bug struck me. Will try to be on tomorow if I feel better. Don't miss me too much.

When sick, and in doubt...FETAL POSITION!
Th'dwarf 'as returned! Th'dwarf in th'North! Th'dwarf in th'North! 'Ail to th'true Dwarf!

Oh, yeh. S'fine bump ye got thar'swell. Use't well, aye?
Gave me a good five hours. Always love the Dwarven support.
And you didn't invite me... *shakes her head*

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