[A RP] <Knights of the Ridge> By Honour

Moon Guard
You missy, are always busy.
Heeeey guys! T'was fun RP the other night! :D
We have much fun RP here. :DD
I have a wonder....Is Drunk Forum posting as bad as drunk texting or drunk calling? I mean I guess you can still post things you shouldn't ammirite?
Well in just under 24hrs, a forum post descends to almost the bottom of he second page. Tsk tsk tsk.
Welcome to our newest member, Aelamdor!
Knights and stuff!
We are the Knights who say Niii
Bump for updates in the guild info. and for our site!
Damn, forums are active today. Already on the second page
Get me a shrubbery.
Will you settle for a Holy Hand Grenade?
Bump for my progressive new transmog I'm scurrying around to get.
A new storyline is in production. Should be ready for Saturday.
I realized I look good....And the info posts at the beginning have been edited appropriately.
Well met Knights of the Ridge. I would like to invite your guild to an event I will be hosting. Take a look at tinyurl.com/GoodGameMG for the thread with the details. The short of it is I am offering a sort of thank you to Moon Guard for all the great times I have had here. It will be a memorial "bike" ride-a-thon, and I am expecting a good turn out. Hope to see you there. Also, I would appreciate it would anyone help to spread the word of this event to your friends and colleagues who play on Moon Guard.

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