Crimsðn Rain is recruiting

Crimsðn Rain is recruiting for both general membership and 1 specific raid position. We recently transferred from a low population server. We are looking for guild members that enjoy to play, are friendly with fellow guild members, and are interested in both pve and pvp.

Specific raid spots we need to fill are:
Pally healer or Shammy healer

Our raid days/times are Tues, Wed, Sun 9pm to 12 server time. Reply here or contact myself or Eightbithero in game.

We are working on Council and Tortos tonight.
We need spots filled for tonight. Give us a shot to see how the group performs. Contact Eightbithero around 8:30 to 8:45 server to get one of the spots.
This is a good group! Raided with them back on the old server. Good friendly fun raiding.
Updated today.
really really bad guild prefers pugs over guild mates.

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