For the Ward! (need horde help)

Looking for a member of the horde to help me get this achievement. I will in turn help you get it, or do something else for you. Whatever you wish.

Post your realid if you are interested (I don't play terribly often)

For the Ward!
my realid is

add me if you want to share this achieve, horde.
You don't need a member of the opposite faction for this achievement- you can get it with most any mob near the alliance base. You can go to and look up the achievement. Click on comments and there are several good descriptions on how to do it with many of the available mobs.
I think that changed once the server hit stage six. None of the mobs nearby work with the wards, believe me I tried. I did see a hordie get zapped while she/he was walking by them, but they were sadly not flagged for pvp. I tried everything suggested in the comments.... nothing....

I think it has to be the wards in the base. I got that achievement from one of the flying mobs. Here's how I did it-

Stood on the stairs leading up to the rise where Jaina is and waited for one of the flyers to come by- targeted the rider and knocked him down- kited over to the wards by the bottom of the stairs (away from the guards as they will kill him and mess up your achievement)- dpsed him low and stopped attacking until the ward finished him.

Took me a few tries but that's how I got it. Hope it works for you.
dont think there are any more flyers around stage six

I haven't seen any
still need horde help friends

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