Advice on Best Servers for Guild Future

I am looking for advice on where to transfer our guild to from our current server, Kul Tiras. We are a lvl 25 guild and have had peaks and lows to our membership ranging from 500+ down to 200+. For the past year our guild has been in steady flux as is normal with a social guild. Most people use the guild to level alts, or have toons to play when not raiding or doing rbgs in those types of guilds. However, recently we have noticed a decline in guild involvement and server activity in general. For this reason, the core has decided to investigate other servers for a possible new home. We have narrowed down the search using the following criteria:

1. Type of server. We went with RP. We chose this because in the majority of our experiences, the RP servers are more friendly which goes hand in hand with our social guild makeup.

2. CST and EST server times. The majority of us are from those time zones, and ones from EST play later in the night anyway.

3. Horde Populations. We eliminated servers with less than a 30% Horde makeup. It may appear low but we thought that was still acceptable.

4. Market Ranking

5. Overall Population. We stuck with a middle of the road approach and selected only medium population servers.

This left us with the following:

Argent Dawn
Earthern Ring
Steamwheedle Cartel
Scarlet Crusade
Sisters of Elune
Thorium Brotherhood

We have all created toons on these servers and are playing them, checking out trade chat, watching the market. The ones having higher toons on these servers are running PUG's.

I would like to hear of any feedback and/or advice you have on changing a guilds server, picking a realm, these or different realms, criteria we missed or should look at, etc. This is a big change for us, and obviously somewhat costly. So any advice that you can give on these or other servers would be greatly appreciated.


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