[A] < Locker Room Talk> - 10m Guild LFM!!

Locker Room Talk is looking for a few more to round out our 10m Throne of Thunder raid team. The core people currently running pugs transferred here from Frostwolf. Pretty laid back group looking to down some bosses.Currently recruiting heals(Shammy/Druid/Priest), ranged dps(Mage/Warlock/Hunter), and one plate tank. Casual Weekend raiding schedule starting at 7pm server Thursday/Saturday/Sunday. Usually run 3-4 hours. If you're interested, shoot myself, or Skettinbuttr a whisper or leave a message on the forums. Thanks!

Current guild running the raids consists of a Brewmaster Monk, Holy Pally, Arms War, Frost DK, and Shadow Priest.

Add my battletag Blownload#1262

EDIT: Also willing to merge/raid with another weekend raiding guild.
Still Looking!
What day do you guys raid?
Well, I can possibly be your mage. 490 atm but depends on the fight i can pull over 100k. Just hit 90 like 3 days ago & making this Mage my main.
Bumping it up! Still Looking!
http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/8729062993 on thurs i cant make it @ 7 for 2 week out of the month cuz i dont get home till 8 pm

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